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Vacation/Holiday Decisions

December 31st, 2018 at 08:34 am

We are leaving in less than 2 weeks to go to California for the weekend and spend time with my three wonderful nieces and their boyfriends/husbands! So excited, and so is F who really looks up to her older cousins. We are staying with K and her husband S who just got married in October (we missed the wedding, and that's why we're going out there - we get to spend a lot more time with them than just a few hours at the reception with 200 other people, so I'm glad).

Next trip - March back to California to see my parents, mid-week during Spring Break (to avoid soccer games). My mother will probably pay for our plane tickets because ordinarily they'd be coming out here (we were there for Thanksgiving) but my dad can't really travel.

We were going to use miles and take a trip farther afield in the summer, but we've scrapped that idea. We found out my brother and his wife are having a baby in July, so instead we are going to go to Palo Alto in August. I hope we can be helpful; at least watch the baby so they can nap or something!

We also did not go anywhere for Christmas (we never do, but I thought I'd mention it anyway). Most of F's friends are in Belize or somewhere, but we've been enjoying the snow. Christmas is amazing here!

Because we didn't travel this holiday and our upcoming trips do not involve eating out and staying in hotels, we are able to spend some money here and there on some cool experiences!

Yesterday: went to Ojo Caliente (hot springs about an hour north of here).

In March: maybe day trip to Disneyland!

In August: I don't even want to say yet... but... we are looking at getting tickets to a very big, popular musical that F knows ALL the words to. And is listening to right now. And has inspired her to write her own musical about feminism which has been her non-stop winter break entertainment! I am willing to get good tickets because this will come from the vacation budget.

1 Responses to “Vacation/Holiday Decisions”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    If it's what I think it is, I have heard it's well worth it. Smile

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