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New Tele and Books

October 28th, 2016 at 05:35 pm

Not a new television, just new shows! I watch on my computer.

I like stupid sci fi (and smart sci fi, but there isn't as much of that).

I am currently watching:
- Timeless (I can watch on the NBC website) - time travel!
- Stitchers (I can watch on the freeform website) - mind-melding
- Class (bbc iplayer) - a Dr. Who spinoff - yay!!!

Read the Rivers of London series, by Ben Aaronovitch who was a writer for Dr. Who, and loved the series, but we had to buy a couple of books because our library only had a few books in the series (???makes no sense since you want to work your way through, right?).

That makes it sound like I watch a ton of tv, but I really don't - that's what I watch all week.

Also read my daughter's books - a series by Wendy Mass with some magical elements. It was a great series (starting with 11 Birthdays) if you have a tween girl.

And now... it's off to the gym to teach my Bodypump class. I film my video next week (terror + relief that it will soon be done).

What are you watching? Anything good? Do you like sci-fi, too? Or something else?

Birthday Purchases

October 28th, 2016 at 02:48 am

I haven't really posted anything in a while... Not sure why, because the spending has been under control. Well, except for my birthday money; my mother was very insistent that I spend it on something, not just bills.

So, I've used most of it to re-do F's room. We got her new sheets, a new duvet cover. She'll take our old duvet which is too small for our bed, and we got a new duvet. So I guess I mostly spent the money on bedding! Well worth it!

I had two appts. at the Rheumatologist (all the way in ABQ, so there's the gas money, too), but that was well worth it, too! He put my mind at ease about my high ANA result (ANA is for lupus and related diseases). I have a predisposition (not for lupus but for autoimmune stuff), but he (and my regular dr.) both said I'm the healthiest person they know, and the followup bloodwork was good.

We spent a lot on food this month for some reason. It's also a 5 weekend month, which means and extra shopping trip, so I'm going to eat out of the pantry as much as possible.

And... my nephew arrives next Friday! So next month may also be a high food bill month with four of us instead of three. He's staying until Dec. 6th, and I'm so excited. My mother asked what I was thinking about his stay. She wanted to know if I wanted him to live here, but he can't; there isn't an immigration option for nephews. And anyway, he'd miss his crazy family, I think! What I'd like: for him to come away thinking "My aunt and uncle and cousin love me! I love them! I want to make sure we stay in touch and see each other forever." I want him to be there for F, and for F to be there for him.

PS - he arrives just before the election, which he is fascinated with.

Lots of Fun Stuff - and Photos!

October 14th, 2016 at 08:29 pm

I realize I haven't posted anything in a while - ooops!

There has been a lot going on:
- signed a contract for a new fire station addition
- working on the dollhouse (my little side project) - this is a pretty frugal hobby since I'm making everything including the wainscot out of discarded cardboard boxes (cereal boxes, kleenex boxes, etc). I attached 2 photos of the dollhouse!
- went to 7th grade options fair last night (had to bring cookies, so not a free event, but very informative); F made a spreadsheet of qualities she wants in a school and was rating the various schools. This impressed the school she wants to go to, which makes me think it's definitely the right school for her.
- tonight is friend's rehearsal dinner; I'm bringing fancy non-alcoholic drinks - not too pricey since I got them from Trader Joe's; F is in the wedding tomorrow!
- F stopped taking tennis lessons; my mom was paying for these, so no effect on the budget
- Altered the dress F is wearing tomorrow with my friend M who is an amazing seamstress; not sure how much I saved. I love M!
- reading a book from the library, as usual
- gave the recommendation forms to F's teachers for the school she wants to go to.
- did the Ropes Course at the Community College with school - OMG so scary. I attached a photo of me (on the right) and F (on the left) dangling after jumping off a tiny shaking platform.

We're supposed to go to L's house for rehearsal dinner at 4:15, so I'm going to just kick back and read a book until then. (No facebook! Too much that makes my head spin in there right now; would rather see cute photos of my friends' kids which is why I'm on it in the first place!). F had the day off school, so I took the day off, too.

Making Choices...

October 8th, 2016 at 09:42 pm

The budget says we have money in Entertainment. Summer here is full of free events, so it built up. Which allows us to do some things in the Autumn.

We still have to make choices, though. Our local... um... immersive arts attraction? called Meow Wolf is having House of Halloween. We decided to go tonight! So excited! Another family is going with us. And another of F's friends, too. I made a big pot of chili so we can eat something before we go (it's from 6 to 9).

We decided not to go down to Balloon Fiesta, so that was one of the choices. It would have been fun, but F is not a fan of fire, and those balloons are full of fire! Instead we went to a friend's art opening. He is an amazing artist. Here's his website: I have a birthday card he made for me several years ago, and I framed it!

We still have $166 in Entertainment.

Other stuff coming up in the Autumn: my nephew is coming to visit, and I think we'll visit some National and State parks. Probably also take him to Meow Wolf. And maybe some museums (they are free to residents on Sundays, so we'd just have to pay for him).

What we are not going to do: Nutcracker, Circus Luminous. Those are things we've done in the past, but we don't need to do them every year. Plus - super expensive!

And then... the Trash to Fashion show... maybe this is the year I'll enter something. I saved up a bunch of sweet wrappers. And I wanted to knit a cardigan or shrug out of caution tape. Or maybe something else... Need to start thinking about this...

Not Too Frugal

October 4th, 2016 at 03:04 am

The night that F went to bed in just a t-shirt... that was when I realized she was completely out of pajama bottoms. And three sleepovers this month! And some time this winter there will be pajama day at school. I sort of dread pajama day because the kids all have matchy-matchy pajama sets; in our family we wear pajama bottoms with a t-shirt.

So... off to Target, and F picked out a new pair of bottoms and then a more winter-appropriate set (top and bottoms! together! that match!). We also visited the athletic section so that she could get a top to wear under her jerseys at fall and winter soccer practice. We spent a lot, but I don't need new clothes any time soon, so it's ok.

Also bought claritin.

I had a $10 off coupon! So that was good.

And the pajamas... raccoons eating pizza and donuts on the set, hedgehogs on the other bottoms. I am a sucker for ridiculous pajama patterns, and apparently so is F. (She will probably want to borrow my polar bears skiing pajamas... no way!).