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End of the Week

November 3rd, 2018 at 01:38 am

On Monday:
- We tried to figure out if we could afford Hamilton tickets. There seems to be two levels of touring companies. One is the original, and we can't afford those tickets, but there are cities closer to us. The other has cheaper tickets, but we'd have to somehow get to Chicago. Have any of you seen it?

On Tuesday:
- I called and got a late charge taken off of a credit card payment. I felt really stupid; I never got the bill but that's no excuse. I guess last month was really stressful (with the stuff with my dad).

On Wednesday:
- We had a Halloween party! This doubled as my birthday party... but it was mostly F's friends. Still my friends B and B came with their daughters and stayed to celebrate with me. I spent money on balloons, making chili. But that was it; we did pot luck.
- F and her teammate won the soccer pairs costume contest. They teamed up the older and younger girls, so F was with a really nice 11th grader; the two of them are probably the most competitive on the team (not just in soccer!). They went as Holy Cow and Oh Deer! We got sticks from the yard for antlers. No purchases necessary!

On Thursday:
- F came home super sad because one of her friends has found a best friend that doesn't like F (and who F doesn't like), and now doesn't want to hang out with F at all (maybe she's the kind of girl who can only have one friend at a time?). They were really close, but F doesn't have one best friend. I am really good at making things, at cooking, at being funny; but I am terrible at giving advice! So I failed to give any helpful advice. My usual m.o. is being direct and confronting someone; it usually backfires, and is not F's style at all. If you have any thoughts, let me know!

- F said she did really well on her Africa test in Global Studies. Proud of her!
- But she's still sad about her friend. She's downstairs listening to the Hamilton soundtrack (and singing!).
- We're going to play a game and hunker down until tomorrow's soccer game. Sleep in! Cheap thrills!

- I bought smoked salmon as part of my birthday week of yummy food, so that will be part of breakfast. An indulgence, but not excessive, right?
- I will clean the house.
- Hopefully time to read (reading Crazy Rich Asians from the library; I missed the movie!)

4 Responses to “End of the Week”

  1. Carol Says:

    Maybe the thing to do is just give F affirmations: she will figure this out. My daughter used to tell me, "I don't want you to fix it. I just need you to listen." Not easy for some of us.(me)
    I think smoked salmon is a lovely treat: happy birthday!!

  2. Jane Says:

    You seem like a great mom. I'm sure just having somebody to talk to helps

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I really feel for F; that is a hard thing to go through. I agree with the above, just listen. You can't fix it. Friends come and go and she will have a new one in time. Meanwhile, she can focus on her sports and music and just being her personal best.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Hope the smoke salmon for your birthday was a delicious treat!

    Sorry for F. Even as an adult, it hurts when someone you think is your friend decides not to be.

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