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This Weekend and Home Inventory Project

August 10th, 2018 at 04:19 pm

It's rainy outside so we couldn't go to the pool. But they have barbeques there, so we went for lunch, and ate under the patio cover. We were the only ones there!

Then we went for F's allergy shots (which are free because of D's good work insurance). She hates them, but I'm hoping when she's reached maintenance in 6 months to wean her off zyrtec. Without the zyrtec she gets hives.

Tonight's dinner is a frugal cauliflower cheese (yum) made with two cauliflowers because we're hungry!

On Sunday I am going to brunch so that we can discuss Parent Association stuff. I am the Secretary of the PA this year, and the brunch is at the PA President's house; I asked what I could bring figuring would be potluck, and she said "nothing!" - she's making brunch! She's very sweet; I'm slightly intimidated because while I'm probably the friendliest person ever (probably why I was asked to be secretary), I am also super sarcastic.

While I am at brunch at C's house, F has a brunch with the school soccer team. She's been asked to be on Varsity Soccer and Varsity X-Country, so this brunch is with girls of all ages. I'm glad that she's got some girls watching out for her who are in other grades. One of the mom's of a senior said her daughter loves F, and the feeling is totally mutual! Like a big sister. The older girls offered to drive the younger girls, but D will probably just drop her off.

Anyway, because she's F, she informed me that she has already looked at the menu online and decided what to order. I have cash from the gym to give her.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day. D is videotaping a talk that a local permaculturist is giving to our neighborhood landcape committee. They're paying him to do it! (I think he would have done it for free, but that's nice; it does take a lot of preparation and editing). We will go up with him because our neighbor will be there, and tomorrow is her 80th birthday! We got her a pretty cactus and some chocolates. We love her!

And, finally, I have started my decluttering/home inventory project. The idea is to declutter a room then take photos of every wall and every drawer. I have finished our bathroom! The easiest room, but still - it's a start! I was inspired by the fires in CA - scares me so much... Do you have a home inventory?

4 Responses to “This Weekend and Home Inventory Project”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    There was a fire recently by my house (about 10 miles) and I used that time to practice my evac kit and gathering stuff I would want in an evac. I also took pictures of the inside of the house because I realized I had no pics of The new furniture and minor changes made to the house. I am working on redoing my grab and go bag, and my evac list that hangs on the pantry door.

    And I am an emergency manager!

  2. Wink Says:

    I do not have a home inventory, but I have done a lot of downsizing of stuff. I like the idea of going room by room, clearing, then taking pictures. Great process!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I do not have a home inventory, but have taken photos of every room of our home and many of the different books, and collections. I normally burn a CD and give it to the insurance company, but this time just saved all the photos to the Walgreens photo site and on my computer.

  4. snafu Says:

    We had a break-in more than a decade ago and the experience of dealing with a hostile claim's agent who acts on behalf of a dozen different insurers was ghastly. Every drawer, cupboard, closet was up-tilted and stomped upon + black, finger print powder liberally sprinkled by police made a big mess. It took quite a while to figure out what was missing. The claim agent demands proof. We fortunately have made it a practice to staple Manual cover, original receipt and warranty together in page protectors. I likewise take photos of the inherited jewelry collection to avoid family disputes.

    I suggest SA participants use the useful inventory booklets supplied by your insurance agent, take photos of most important items, possibly gathered together in rooms. We had photos of gatherings in living/dining rooms which luckily showed electronics somewhere in the background. Transfer to a quality USB/thumb drive since technology constantly changes, hard copies of photos off-site.

    It is exhausting to try to replace stuff acquired over time.

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