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Meal Plan - Lots of Veggies!

July 16th, 2018 at 02:24 pm

We spent $117 on groceries this week.

S - Friends over - spaghetti with courgettes and bread (and my friend brought a salad) - vegetarian dinner
S - asian cauliflower stirfry with rice - vegetarian dinner
M - kimchi quesadillas - vegetarian dinner
T - chili with cornbread (has turkey in the chili)
W - potatoes with rosemary, kale salad with avocado and other veggies - vegetarian dinner
T - crustless quiche (with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, broccoli) - vegetarian dinner
F - elote pasta - vegetarian dinner
S - not sure...

We are eating more vegetarian meals, but trying to make sure they are packed with good protein and good fats, especially on soccer practice nights! Kimchi quesadillas has beans and cheese, crustless quiche is eggs/cheese. Soccer is T/Th this week.

I went to my friend A's house yesterday - she's going away and her garden is producing a ton, so she gave me a huge pile of vegetables! Yay!!!

We invested in a bowl shaped thermos for F's lunches after seeing a really cool vending machine called Farmer's Fridge in the Chicago Airport. We're inspired to try different grain bowls and salads for her lunch (I realized - duh - that I can set the rice cooker overnight and have rice or other grains in the morning to use in a bowl). Check out their website. I looked it up for inspiration for different things to put in the bowl.

They have a greek salad, a cobb salad, a peanut sauce thai salad. Southwest salad, napa salad (F says - "I want that one!"). There are bowls, too, with rice or noodles or quinoa. Lots of good veggies, avocado, etc.

All of this is super easy to make at home! Need to look up some dressing recipes.

5 Responses to “Meal Plan - Lots of Veggies!”

  1. melissalt Says:

    The recipes on that site sound delicious. During the school year I make all my lunch salads for the week in canning jars on Sunday. This gave me some new ideas. Thanks for posting the site.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    We have those salad vending machines at the university. Students love them, but I love your better budget idea! I find quinoa holds up well as does brown rice.

  3. Debtfreeme Says:

    Can you share the brand of bowl shaped thermos?

  4. Buendia Says:

    It's a lunchbots 16 oz... will let you know how it is! What I heard was not to overtighten it or it's impossible to get open (the heat makes a tighter seal).

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    The cobb and the Thai salads look really yummy. How do you make your Asian cauliflower stir-fry?

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