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Soccer, Savings, Snowflakes...

May 15th, 2018 at 06:24 pm

F played in a tournament last weekend; there weren't enough teams entered, so our team had to play three boys teams (and one girls team). Not ideal, but they had fun. We did not eat out at all (brought our own food), but we did have dessert that D brought back from our favorite little cafe up the street (for mother's day and to celebrate the end of the tournament). We are going to another tournament this weekend; this one is out of town. I have the cooler ready to go, and meals planned. We'll eat out once. I just found out that the tournament is on turf rather than grass, and I'm not thrilled about that.

We are going to swap petsitting with a woman at the karate dojo. She's watched our pets before. So - no cost!

I got a $50 payment from the gym, and I sold the birdcage for another $50. Should see another payment from this gym, and something from the other gym, too. Last month my total gym payments were $152.

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  1. Rose. Says:

    All great things! I really admire that you guys can go out of town and not eat out.

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