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February 7th, 2018 at 06:35 pm

My very sweet not-sister-in-law (but we're hoping that she is my actual sister-in-law one day) wanted to send us food since I've been sick. She decided to send one of those food box services like Hello Fresh, but not Hello Fresh because she and my brother are vegan.

Well, there's a vegan Hello Fresh. It's called Purple Carrot. The meals came today. Three meals, so over the next three days we are having:
- Baja Bowls (with hearts of palm)
- Tomato Farro Risotto
- Black Bean and Polenta Casserole

The meals sound good! We eat mostly vegetarian. But we are not vegan, so I am going to sub out their Veganaise for my own mayo, their vegan butter for my own regular butter, their vegan mozzarella and cream cheese for my own.

The meals are supposed to feed 2 people, and we are three, so I am going to try to bulk things up with stuff from my own pantry (I have polenta, basmati rice, risotto rice etc.). We bought a can of hearts of palm.

I would never use a meal service like this, because seriously - $72 for three dinners? But as I mentioned, I didn't pay for this, and it was very sweet of her to send it.

If we like the meals, they give you the list of ingredients and recipes, so we could make them again. Pretty certain I could make these meals for less than $24 a meal!!! I mean, polenta, black beans, green chile, cream cheese and spinach - that is like $5!

Have any of you done meal services like this? Did you like them? Did you do it save money or for convenience or ??

4 Responses to “Purple Carrot”

  1. Carol Says:

    My sister-in-law tried one and liked it. There are only two of them and they both work. I think she just wanted to change it up. I'm not sure she started up again, however. P.S. She works in a grocery store.

  2. snafu Says:

    I've a few friends who tried or were gifted 'Blue Apron' or similar boxed meals. Everyone was horrified at the amount of packaging, the per unit cost of the products and smaller than anticipated portions. I'm sure some if it is because the major grocery chains here offer phone service for pick up at the drive through and delivery can be added for about $ 5. more. Anyone who is ill can order Meals on Wheels, basic food well thought out nutritionally, made and delivered by volunteers for $ 5. each meal.

    The conclusion was the best part was the Names they gave meals.

    Snowed in, I recently read a book by an author/nutritionist whose theme was the benefits of meal planning by the month. ISBN978 0 968 27440-8 Health Wealth and Time in a Grocery Bag. [not vegan/vegetarian themed]

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    A lot of people I know use them. Apparently it's an "in" thing. I guess its' way better than eating out and cheaper.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I did Hello Fresh and another one too I think - both through Swagbucks + with a coupon code. After all that it was maybe $15 for 3 meals. The food was decent, but I didn't like the way their recipes wee written - too much guesswork.

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