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Update on Paying Ourselves Back

February 6th, 2018 at 11:33 am

I know there are going to be medical expenses associated with F's visit to the ER for hives and for my pneumonia (chest xray), but right now, this is where we stand:

Medical - balance is positive for both doctors and drugs, and this is after a lot of miscellaneous expenses (drugs, had to buy a humidifier)

Estimated Taxes - done; although we will probably have to start paying estimated taxes again after we do our taxes. Not sure; we did extra withholding out of D's paycheck. He no longer has Schedule C income.

General Savings - We still need to bolster this a little bit. I figure even if we put in $100 a month, that will be fine.

School Savings - We are putting $500/month into school savings, I hope. I need to create a new category. This will mean that we eventually have the tuition before it's due, and we can pay on their May/November plan which avoids the monthly installment charges. It also means that we are done paying for private school around when she starts 12th grade, and the remainder of the money can be there for her first year of college.

Speaking of college... we have several plans, and since F is only 12, who knows how this will go:
- UC system? D's employer has a relationship with the UC (university of california) system that means children of employees pay in-state fees (even though we live in a different state)
- UK or Ireland - their college fees are about what we pay for private high school; we own a house there, and would move over there with her.
- Canada - I have Canadian citizenship; I actually think F would love Canada, so this is on the list.
- Ivy League school that pays most of tuition - this is only for kids that can get into these schools, but currently F is top of her class at an academic private school (will be in Geometry Honors in 8th grade). She is a really amazing student, participates in some interesting sports... you never know. I'm sure her school will encourage her to apply to at least a couple of Ivy League schools.

3 Responses to “Update on Paying Ourselves Back”

  1. snafu Says:

    Not wishing to seem negative, merely curious, why would you want to move DD to a foreign country, different culture, different values, vastly different school system? What schools will current friends, team mates attend? What does current school counsellor suggest as 'best fit? How will F cope with Social media like FB andTwitter that has potential to provide routes for cruelty never imagined by parents.

    While I understand the value of Name brand University degree at the Doctorate level, even Master level, they are adults likely prepared to handle the extra level of pressure. I look at freshmen and some sophomores, too immature for their 1st experiences of being away from love and support of family and friends. If this is truly a desired outcome, I hope F begins preparation now, chasing new experiences and environments that builds her curriculum vitae.

  2. Buendia Says:

    Hi Snafu, I understand your concern... but the "foreign" country is not foreign to her; all of our family lives in England or Ireland and we are there a lot. She says she wants to move back to Europe, and so do we. We would move back as well to the house we own there. There isn't a university in our state she could go to, and none of her friends will go to the state university either. Anyway, she would be with friends and family wherever she ends up, except California (which is often where kids from our state go). Canada would be a big maybe, and so would an East Coast school, although most of her classmates will likely go to East Coast schools. So I actually think the move back to Europe is likely, but we'll see...

  3. snafu Says:

    I'm certain you would only do a major move after a lot of fact checking and investigation. It occurs to me that you might consider avenues to have F spend a summer in 'X' go to summer school, live the culture and values for a few summers to practice coping skills as a foreigner. She may feel circumstances are familia brut the local population will see her as a foreigner.

    How were you and DH treated your 1st 3 years in the USA? Did you have a pronounced accent for example? The USA is a country of immigrants/ancestors...not so Great Britain . ...merely random thoughts

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