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Huge Grocery Bill- what happened?

May 28th, 2017 at 01:09 am

Not sure why our grocery bill was so big this week! I didn't buy much last week, so that's part of it, but still.

Other anomaly this week was that we had friends over this evening... so I bought things I wouldn't normally buy like sparking lemonade, an artichoke dip, sour cream for dip, etc. How much do you usually budget for get-togethers like this? According to receipts I spent about $28 and D got beer and wine last night which was $14.

Also - I'm making chicken queso casserole this week which will feed us for a couple of days.

And it's memorial day so I wanted to bbq something - I bought chicken and veggies to do kebabs.

We buy a lot of veggies and fruit; do you follow the 5 a day plan?
I think we are more than 5 a day.

Looking at the receipt, I also had to stock up on a couple of staples: res wine vinegar ($2), almond butter for D ($7!) and vanilla (also $7 but lasts 6 months).

A lot of this will take us into next week, so that's good, and there was leftover food from the party.

The rest of the meal plan:
Sunday - pasta with peas and turkey bacon
Monday - bbq chicken/courgettes/red onion/red pepper kebabs, corn on the cob
Tuesday - bad breath pasta (spinach, olives, capers, balsamic)
Wednesday - chicken queso casserole with kale chips on the side
Thursday - tostadas with refried beans, lettuce, salsa, sour cream and roasted broccoli
Friday - graduation dinner out!
Saturday - party and we don't have to bring anything!

6 Responses to “Huge Grocery Bill- what happened?”

  1. bluesfemme Says:

    We definitely try for 5+ a day :-) We do a 4-5 stirfries per wk in our electric wok and standard is red capsicum, mushroom, carrot, onion and snap peas. Add in lentils or 4 beans or both and we both feel zippy!

    And entertaining to me is just so worth the hit to budget - I feel so lifted after being with my guests :-)

  2. Carol Says:

    The dips will send the bill up, but it's worth it for company. Doesn't that make it entertaining or something?
    Also, I haven't really checked but veggies seem high lately.

  3. Buendia Says:

    Veggies do seem high lately! We get about 6-7 per day but it's not the least expensive way to eat!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    We try to eat lots of vegetables. Not always successful in the 5 a day, though. Fruits are easier, but vegetables are probably better. I agree, veggies aren't the most reasonable. Our grocery bills fluctuate as well depending on what we need. There are some weeks when I spend very little and two weeks ago I spent over $70 at Aldi restocking stuff that I had used up. I'm sure your entertaining did add to the cost, but far more reasonable than going out. Think of the money you saved!

  5. Buendia Says:

    Excellent way to look at it! If we'd gone out, it would have been way more for the three of us!

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    I think we get the equivalent of 4 veg servings a day and 1 fruit serving.

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