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Lacking the Clothes Shopping Gene

April 30th, 2017 at 09:49 pm

We made a special trip down to Albuquerque today to get a graduation dress for F (they graduate from 6th grade).

Before we went, I made her go through everything in her closet and we had a huge pile of things that no longer fit. She has enough leggings, enough shorts, but she's very low on short sleeved tshirts and tank tops. Also her lightweight hoodie is too small, and that's a summer staple. And she has ONE skirt. And she needs clothes for 7th grade that she'll feel good in (I am a firm believer in that - remind me to tell you about my very sad wardrobe as a child sometime - I wore my school PE clothes on weekends because I wore a uniform during the week and my mother didn't think it was necessary for me to have other fall/winter clothes).

So, off to Albuquerque for the Big Clothing Challenge. She's now definitely a tween - so some kids clothes are ok, and some are not. Some adult x-small are ok, and some are not. She's tall and thin, with strong soccer player thighs (leggings are great, skinny jeans are horrible).

We found things at Old Navy and at H&M, but no graduation dress. I had no idea where to go. Old Navy and H&M (and Target) are pretty much the limit of my shopping expertise.

Our coach was with us, and she said we should try Hollister, which is the worst store in the universe. It's dark and it smells like some sort of weird scent that is supposed to evoke California (I am from there, and I can tell you it doesn't; also I have a headache from it). But we found the dress!

It was so perfect on her, and... the strap was detaching from the body. Except it was the the last one left. The only one (and miraculously in her size). When I went up to ask them about getting a discount since it was the last one, they said they wouldn't sell it to me. Whaaaaaat?

I said I didn't care about the discount, and they insisted they couldn't sell it to me. I explained that I can sew. They said they'd call to another mall to see if there was another dark blue, x-small. "You want me to go get this same dress in Rio Rancho??!!!" which is miles out of the way. They tried calling the Rio Rancho store, but they didn't have it.

I asked for the manager, and said to him: "I am buying this dress; ring it up for me NOW." I found out the guy I'd been talking to WAS the manger, but he sighed heavily and sold me the dress for 10% off. It was already on sale for $21, so now it was $19.

And, as I mentioned, I can sew. It's really not a problem.

Did I also mention that is the last time we shop at Hollister? And they gave me a website to take a survey about our "experience" there, which I am going to do.

Other places I'm never shopping again (because F hated their clothes): Rue21 (clothes are too fussy/complicated), Aeropostale (same problem). F likes simple, I like simple. Phew.

We didn't go into Express. Is that simple? Or more of the Rue21 type of stuff?

She doesn't need any more clothes right now (we got two tshirts, a 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt, 3 tank tops, cardigan and a jean skirt), but it'd be good to know where to go for next time. Gap and JCrew would be good if not so expensive, and I don't have the clothing gene to be able to shop in thrift stores (which are not very good here anyway).

6 Responses to “Lacking the Clothes Shopping Gene”

  1. Laura Says:

    I have had the same issue (oldest is 5'8" and 95-100#) when we needed dress for her to be Confirmation sponsor in 9th grade. We ended up purchasing an xxs at Express that was church and age appropriate. I sympathize with you. And it doesn't get much easier. At least now oldest is able to clothe herself (plus since she's in the modeling industry she has the stylists to help her know what she looks good in).

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Too funny. I was digging through my husband's closet today trying to find something graduation appropriate (8th grade). We settled on a shirt, but then I noticed the back of the shirt had a hole in it. To which both my teenager and husband said, "So?" O.M.G! Since my husband isn't being helpful and is probably as fashion clueless as I am... Lord help my son. I know it's not the same as girls. But, still. At least I'd have any clue what girls wear. I just had to chuckle that you were figuring graduation clothing too. (In the end I ordered a couple of nice shirts from Target, and if those don't work, I will take him to Ross. Which reminds me, I always bought dresses from Ross or Marshalls in my teens and 20s. I'd recommend those stores).

  3. Buendia Says:

    Ross would be good! And they have a junior section! And Express sounds like it has good stuff, too! Thank you to both of you! I am super frustrated by the partly on/partly off shoulder floppy shirts with lots of flowers. Luckily, not my child's style at all! I would have to say no... what is with all of the inappropriate styles? (super short shorts, low cut tops, crop tops, off the shoulder, jeans that look like a rat got into the closet and gnawed at them). F describes her style as "sporlish" - sporty and stylish. She wears her indoor soccer shoes pretty much every day.

    Anyway - you should see the dress she got - so, so pretty. High cut in front, sort of a pleated skater skirt with a nice lining. And a kind of lace covered front. She loves it! I love it! Now we need to figure out her hair (she has long, long hair and a little pixie face - looks sort of like a young Emma Watson - I am thinking side braid maybe side fishtail braid; I'll see what she's thinking).

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    They wouldn't sell it to you because the strap was detaching. I mean it's nice that they don't want to sell defective merchandise, but if the customer wants it why would you refuse? I'm glad it worked out in the end. That store reeks from outside of the store, and as such I have never gone in. I feel bad for the employees that end up exposing themselves to that.

  5. Buendia Says:

    Totally reeks, creditcardfree! I was appalled! I feel bad for the employees, too. The stores in the mall - yuck. On the plus side, a good friend of mine who lives down there told us about a place for lunch and it was GREAT! Vietnamese food... but sort of like a Vietnamese sandwich shop. I had two huge spring rolls for less than $5. F got the chicken and I got the shrimp and we had one of each. Yum! They also had Vietnamese sandwiches on baguettes, salad bowls, noodle bowls and an assortment of Vietnamese/French pastries. And flan! Banh Flan - coffee flavored caramel. I wanted to try that; maybe next time!

  6. CB in the City Says:

    I've never heard of a store that won't sell something the customer wants.

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