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Saving Up for Things

March 8th, 2017 at 04:16 am

What we're budgeting for:

- F wants to go see Beauty and the Beast 3D when it comes out
- I just bought a new pillow (doctor's orders)
- Driving trip down to Southern NM (White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, Sunspot Solar Observatory, Space Museum) - gas, hotel, entrance fees and prepared food to buy here at Trader Joe's and bring with us so we don't have to eat at Applebees or Chillis which none of us like (plus the prepared food at TJ's is cheaper)

Things on my mind:
- One of the projects I was counting on doesn't start until May. I have to make the money from that project last.
- When are people going to pay me? Several outstanding invoices from last month.
- When will F get her acceptance to 7th grade? Should be around mid-month.
- Need to return F's basketball uniform to the school (it's washed and ready to go back).
- I have $50 in my clothing category; I need a new pair of black leggings - big hole in my other pair. I'd love a second pair of Darn Tough socks but I can wait until next birthday.
- Need to help the 6th graders finish the treehouse at school (it's their parting gift to the school as they all move on to jr. high) - Friday?
- Need to get reimbursed for treehouse expenses
- Dog needs check up at the vet
- Lots of work to do at work so none of the rest of the previous things will get done or dealt with!

Are you saving for anything or is anything using up all your important brain-space?

2 Responses to “Saving Up for Things”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    My brain is full. I have so much going on. I probably should do a blog brain dump Smile I hope your payments come in soon. I hate when invoices remain outstanding for a long time.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    We are saving up for a new driveway. Each year we save for vacation and Christmas. Then we have the regular savings account that we save for big home projects. Last year we put on a new roof, all paid for in cash. A few years before that we installed a new furnace and air conditioner, again saved for and paid for in cash.

    Hope those outstanding invoices get paid soon so you have your money!

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