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Air Bag Recall

November 3rd, 2016 at 04:14 pm

Have any of you had an issue with the Takata airbag recall? I got the recall notice on my car in July, and it said that until I visited the dealer to get the passenger airbag replaced, no one should ride in that seat.

My dealer said the part wouldn't be in until September, and later made an appt. for me to replace it in October saying the part was now in. I brought the car in, except the part still wasn't in, so even though I showed up for the service appt. they couldn't fix it. I had decided to combine the visit with an oil change, and even though I wouldn't even have come in if the part wasn't in yet, they made me pay for the oil change. I think they should've comp'd it.

I called Nissan USA last week and they said the part wouldn't be in until late December! That is 6 months without the use of my front seat. It hasn't been a big problem, but my nephew is coming to visit, and we need all four seats now.

Nissan USA is giving me a voucher for $250. I wish it was cash, but it has to be used for service or on Nissan's website. There is a big service at 75,000 miles, and I think I'm close, so I guess I'll use it for that.

2 Responses to “Air Bag Recall ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, my husband's Honda Ridgeline needed both driver and passenger air bags replaced. Honda gave us a rental and kept the truck for probably two months before the air bag on the driver side was replaced. Less than a month later (maybe two weeks) we were notified of passenger air bag. Told not to sit in that seat, and it's probably been two months. Just this morning we finally got it replaced.

    I guess I don't quite understand why you should be compensated for the oil change. You added that service that you would have had done anyway at some point. I do get the inconvenience of bringing in your vehicle when they could not actually service the air bag and all that. And yes it would be nice if they comped you in that way, but I don't see that they have to.

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    One of my employees was affected but the car company (Honda) gave him a rental for two months and they paid for it.

    Too bad they didn't tell you ahead of time that they didn't have the part so you could reschedule everything to work better for you.

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