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Shopping and Food Planning

September 5th, 2016 at 03:29 pm

Very mellow Labor Day... I did the shopping but other than that, we've all just stayed in. F is exhausted from her soccer tournament and her allergies are acting up.

I went to the store and spent almost exactly $100 for the week. I did buy some things that were two-for-one at Sprouts which will be eaten in future weeks (soup, rice). So that's a pretty successful weekly shop. I also got gas for the week (even when my car isn't empty I fill up after I do the grocery shopping on the weekend because I don't have time during the week to fill up - it takes a lot of stress off of my week!).

I also bought toilet paper at Target (got a $5 gift card with my two packages). And clothing for F in the next size up: two pairs of long leggings (it's already getting cool), long sleeved tshirt, cami and a fall jacket. The hand-me-downs for this age are pretty rare because they seem to wear things until they are threadbare. Also F is tall, but really thin, and the girl that she used to get things from is not the same shape. Actually the only girls her shape/size are on her soccer team... maybe I should make friends with the moms on a slightly older team?

Meanwhile, I have some old soccer shorts to hand down. I do know a lot of those moms, so I need to think about which of those girls has like a 10" waist and can fit in those ridiculously small shorts.

Here is the menu plan for the (short) week:

M - frittata and toast (I know; this isn't really Labor Day food)
T - fish, broccoli, rice and sauce
W - pollo pibil and black beans and salad
T - pasta carbonara and peas
F - Soccer Team party - baked potato bar - each family is bring some toppings or a dessert or fruit
S - tostadas

And for F's lunches (you know I do this on a spreadsheet, right?):
- chicken strips (from Trader Joe's, I make in the morning and put in the thermos to stay hot), salad with ranch, melon, veggie chips, caramel/cashew cluster from the bulk bins - this is in lieu of the school's overly-expensive hot lunch
- turkey wrap, cucumber and dip, peach, chips and salsa, cookie
- burrito, carrots and dip, watermelon, rice crackers, cookie
- slice of pizza from the freezer (leftover), snap peas, grapes, rice crackers, cookie

Her snack is usually some trail mix or cheese and crackers or some pineapple chunks.

Do you have a plan for your child's lunch?

3 Responses to “Shopping and Food Planning”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I have a rough plan for my school-ager in that I know a few different things she likes and try to keep them in the fridge during the school year. Then I check the school menu the day before--if there isn't a vegetarian option or one I think she'd eat, I give her a couple options in the morning and make the lunch while she's getting dressed. This might have to change next year when I have two kids to get ready, but for now it works OK.

    For tomorrow I have scrambled tofu, veggie chicken nuggets or refried beans (I freeze leftovers in ice cube trays so I can defrost a little at a time) that she often likes to have in a sandwich. Or apple butter; she likes that with bread. So lots of options. Several different fruits/veggies and cookie/cracker options too.

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Hi! First of all, I'm really sorry that this comment has little to do with this actual post. Believe it or not, I found your blog through a Google search for "toilet paper tracking." I am DESPERATELY trying to redo our budget, and I need to decide on a figure for things like toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, etc, but I've never paid attention before and I'm looking for a chart or something that will help me. Would you be willing to share your method for tracking these things? (I included the link to the blog I'm starting - it's not much to look at right now but I'm working on it, haha.)

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I chuckled over your comment about your menu and Monday's food wasn't Labor Day food. It is kind of sad we feel we have to do things a certain way, isn't it?

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