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Lots of Updates

September 2nd, 2016 at 04:20 pm

Lots of updates to report!

- D's dad - the social workers (or whatever they are called in the UK) finally determined that D's dad couldn't stay in D's sister's house. Finally! He is in nursing care now, and they will determine if he can be out on his own again (he can't). D hasn't talked to his dad in weeks because his sister was out of town, and the phone doesn't work in the room his dad was staying in. There was a woman who lives in a van on their property who was popping in to feed D's dad while they were away; I am amazed that this was an acceptable arrangement. No one there with him, and he didn't have the ability to make calls. In the move to the care facility, somehow D's sister lost the ipad charger D got for his dad, so he doesn't have an ipad either.

- Our nephew - We are still trying to make arrangements with D's sister for our nephew to come stay for a few months. Everyone is excited about this, but as you can tell, D's sister isn't that great at making plans. New tactic: we look for possible tickets, and if they ok an itinerary, we make the arrangements. D's mum is going to pay for the tickets.

- F's anxiety - So, so much better. She just did an overnight with school and had a GREAT time! The teacher texted me yesterday afternoon to say F was doing well, which was so nice of her.

- Soccer Tournament - F's team is playing in a tournament this weekend (2 games Saturday, 2 Sunday). This is always difficult because I usually clean house on the weekends, and do the shopping. Also - we don't want to succumb to eating out just for convenience - too expensive!! D stopped by the store to pick up some sliced turkey for sandwiches. We have chips and crisps and fruit and string cheese and cookies. We'll be fine this weekend.

- Meal Plan - the tournament messes with the meal planning a little bit, too. Tonight is pasta and red sauce with oven-roasted brussels sprouts. Tomorrow - ???. Maybe a freezer meal? And then I can plan next week. I'm assuming I can shop on labor day.

3 Responses to “Lots of Updates”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Labor Day doesn't seem like too many grocery stores are ever closed.

  2. starfishy Says:

    the former arrangement for your FIL's care is disturbing...i'm glad he's now in a more suitable environment. off-topic question - do you still use your Campmor carry on for traveling? thx! Smile

  3. Buendia Says:

    Hi Starfishy - yep, pretty horrible, and hard to deal with from so far away. I don't use my campmor as much anymore since I got the Ebags Etech 2.0. It solved all the problems of the campmor... it came out to about $40 with coupons and promotions. I love it!

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