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New Bank System - Ugh

July 18th, 2016 at 01:51 pm

My bank has updated their entire website... and ugh! It's just terrible! Actually it's not just the website and online banking, but also the banking system in the physical bank itself.

There were a bunch of generic, suit-wearing people milling around the bank to see how the transition was going this morning. People here don't really wear suits and none of these people looked like New Mexico natives, so I'm pretty sure they were from out of town, probably representing the system that the bank bought.

This is a small local bank, and everyone here loves it. I don't love it as much as I did yesterday.

I made two deposits, got my receipt and realized that the receipt no longer has the last few digits of the account number on it. So I had to scribble on each which account they belonged to. Ugh.

And I also paid down some mortgage principal. Instead of the normal sheet that shows that it was a principal payment and the amount of the loan before and after the payment, I got a generic receipt that looked like my deposit receipts. There was no account listed. It said "special payment" which they told me meant it was principal payment, sort of. It didn't list the previous amount of the mortgage or the new amount, so I couldn't tell that it was a principal payment. The teller was super-sorry; I kept telling her it wasn't her fault.

I sought out one of the generic suit-guys to ask if he wanted some feedback, and he said yes, definitely. He told me that my principal payment would show up tomorrow in online banking if I wanted to check it (but at the moment it looks like I took money out of checking and it evaporated).

I also let him know that in the new online system, my escrow account (for taxes and insurance) has disappeared. He said that he thought that would be with the mortgage, and I told him that it wasn't; I'd checked that morning. He said "Oh, huh, well that's where they said it would be." You can see the amount of my regular payment that goes to escrow but not the value of the escrow account, how and when payments are made from that account for the taxes and insurance.

Who knows what they'll do with my feedback, but thank you for letting me rant!

3 Responses to “New Bank System - Ugh”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Our bank which is one of many of a larger system has totally changed things. You don't go to a window...you stand in the middle of the bank and wait until someone from one of the desks comes and gets you. OK, if they aren't busy, but there's no way to tell where the line truly begins and ends. I don't think it is anymore private because people can stand right by the cubicle you are sitting at. I think, don't know for sure, but think they got rid of all the folks who had worked there for years. All are young and new. They are fine, but I can't believe every single veteran employee left at the same time.

  2. Buendia Says:

    Yikes! At least all of the tellers I know re still there! We don't really have a line, but people seem to work out who's next and should go to the open teller. I hope it's still a great bank... but I am pretty excited that in a year I won't have to deal with the mortgage there (or anywhere!!!) anymore. $30k to go.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That doesn't sound like good changes.

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