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Sunday - Sports in the Park, Meal Plan, Have to Clean!

April 10th, 2016 at 02:40 pm

What's happening now:

- F went to a friend's house to play yesterday and I finished my wall sections (for work); my engineers will be so happy, and it means that next week is less hectic.

- I did a little professional survey and got a $25 Amazon voucher.

- Grocery shopping today (we'll leave in a few minutes - we like to shop before noon on Sunday because the shops get crowded at noon when they start selling alcohol).

- Meal plan for this week needs to be inexpensive because we have a soccer coach staying with us. I budgeted an extra $80 just in case.

S - kebab chicken with roasted veg (already have chicken in the freezer)
M - baked potatoes, broccoli (maybe our most inexpensive meal)
T - tostadas (another pretty inexpensive one)
W - red pasta with courgettes (also not expensive)
T - chili with cornbread (this has ground turkey so it's not super cheap, but makes a lot!)
F - fish with rice and peas (may do lemon-crumbed fish since I have the lemons and garlic)
S - summer pasta with bacon (not inexpensive, but every coach has loved this!)

- F has indoor soccer today, and I told her we could go to the park and play some basketball and tennis. All free! An active day!

- I really don't want to finish vacuuming the house, but I have to. And I need to make the bed up for our coach. Last night I cleaned the food processor and stovetop with a toothpick; don't ask me why, but for me that's actually fun!

2 Responses to “Sunday - Sports in the Park, Meal Plan, Have to Clean!”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    You like vacuuming as much as I do? Smile

  2. Buendia Says:

    Vacuuming... ugh.... what can I say? But oddly satisfying when the dog hair goes fwoop and disappears!

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