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Wednesday... Tiny Splurge

March 16th, 2016 at 08:42 pm

This is why I don't like to carry cash in my purse... I ended up going by the wonderful bakery, and I had $10 in my purse, and, well.... now I don't. I spent $6.50 on muffins for the family. Not such a big splurge, and I guess sometimes these things just happen.

I would like to note for the future that I NEED to carry at least a square of good dark chocolate in my lunch... that way I don't freak out and buy muffins.

Anyway, I am now in the parking lot of school (yes, I have the internet password - which is awesome because I can also get work emails done at school). I'm waiting for F to come out; I have her muffin all ready in the back seat.

Tonight: soccer practice. We're back at the old racetrack. On Monday I ran 2.3 miles (that's two laps). I might just do one lap tonight... Free exercise!

Dinner tonight - it's supposed to be French Dinner... this is a family favorite and consists of yummy cheese, crackers, olives and a big green salad with lots of veggies. It's called French Dinner because that is what we basically ate every night when we were in France. Yum!

Tomorrow: I need to start thinking about packing, but I also have to work (and I have a jobsite meeting and a proposal due, so no slacking). Next week is spring break and we're going to visit my parents in CA. We leave Sunday (after the Saturday soccer game) and return Friday (before the next Saturday soccer game).

Visiting my parents, believe it or not, is a wonderful vacation for us (we all like living the LA life for a few days and my parents are great) and super frugal! Tickets from here are not very expensive, and my parents like to take us out to eat! But we have the kitchen, too, and my parents have a pool.

The first night we're going to see my cousin and his wife and two kids (who are a little younger than F).

We're also going to try to see the Broad Museum. Have any of you been to it? Not the best chance we'll get in, but we'll try...

And some hikes, trip to the beach, lots of Asian food!

3 Responses to “Wednesday... Tiny Splurge”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I need and would like to eat French Dinner every night! I may start having that here at our house. Have a super trip!!

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Your trip sounds lovely, have a ball!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Hope your trip is lots of fun and relaxation!

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