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Medical Spending but also some Snowflakes

March 2nd, 2016 at 08:08 pm

This has been quite the month for medical spending...
- D's new glasses (varifocals - so more expensive than regular, but he needed them) and eye exam - about $400 total
- F's trip to urgent care (bronchitis) - just happy that she's well now! - $75 plus about $10 for meds
- I just had to go to the ENT and instead of a simple office visit they did a very minor procedure (scar tissue from past sinus infections) - $274


I met with an accountant last year because I wanted to set up and HRA or HSA or something, but the admin costs for just one person was out of control. He told me just to take a distribution for healthcare expenses since I can distribute money to myself from my S-Corp. I budgeted a monthly amount, and with what we'd budgeted from our own budget and the distribution, I got the medical costs down to 0 for February! The $274 is still on there for March, but I think we can figure that out with underspend categories.

Here is the good news: snowflakes coming in!
- I got $100 from the gym
- Was able to transfer $323 from the Irish house
- Got a cash from credit card rewards of $133
- Tax return - $190

All of that goes toward the mortgage.

We were able to fully pay for our trip to Phoenix, too... it was a strange trip (both wonderful and terrible). The terrible was that F got bronchitis, and that trip to urgent care really upset her. But it was also wonderful.

F got to meet her hero, idol, role model - Meghan Klingenberg (best left back in the WORLD) - and spend the whole day with her. It was a soccer camp for girls, and Kling was with the kids the entire time. She personally taught F a skill, she even gave her a nickname! F is still so excited! (She was showing us "the dance Kling taught me" the other night - wow!) I was excited! She is super nice and funny - the perfect role model!

1 Responses to “Medical Spending but also some Snowflakes”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sounds like quite the week! Glad you guys are all healthy, even if it was pricey; and that the trip went well Smile

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