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Back from a Frugal Thanksgiving

November 30th, 2015 at 02:10 am

We're back from California which was not that warm. Except when we landed last night the cold outside hit us and we all gasped - so I guess it was warmer there after all. And that was Albuquerque; it's colder here.

Overall it was a pretty frugal Thanksgiving. I had packed a few things so that I could make apple pie and red chile sauce. My mom had bought cans of cranberry sauce which I think is just too processed, so we bought some cranberries and I made my own. My mom will take back the cans. Everyone brought dishes to share and we all ended up cooking together stuffed into my mom's tiny kitchen.

We went out for lunch on Wednesday and hot the Korean hot bowl (yum!) but it was a food court, so not that expensive. And then the rest of our meals were at home.

We played Heads Up at Thanksgiving, and the next day had our annual soccer game in the park.

Airport parking was $11, so not too bad for 5 days.

Our neighbor watched our cat, and the dog boarding - well, it's not cheap, but not as bad as some places.

No Black Friday sales for us. I am not a shopper!

Today I bought groceries for the week, and it looks like we're having D's coworkers and spouses over for dinner next weekend. It's casual - so just chile, cornbread... someone can bring a salad, someone else beer or wine. I will probably make a chocolate caramel tart, too.

Here's the meal plan:
roasted veggies and potatoes
tuna melts with tomato soup
fish, broccoli and rice with aoili
chili and cornbread
chicken sausage pasta with white wine sauce
something from the freezer and a salad

2 Responses to “Back from a Frugal Thanksgiving”

  1. starfishy Says:

    sounds wonderful! what is heads up?

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving!

    It was kind of chilly in CA (near LA) where I was too. Even rained! One time the rain caught me while I was out walking - thankfully not too hard, so I could keep my phone covered with my armpit. Big Grin When I left the airport in NE I was NOT prepared for how cold it would be - even with a jacket on!

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