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Chilly Autumn, Mortgage and Recent Purchases

October 7th, 2015 at 07:50 pm

Our mortgage is now at $46,633 (so over $550k in equity - wow! But you have to have somewhere to live, so I don't like to think about it that much).

The thing is, when we owed $200k, I could never have dreamed of such a low number, but now that we're in the $40k's all I can think about is being in the $30k's. Ugh. A bad habit of mine: not savoring the present, but always looking toward the future.

Today is the second chilly day of autumn, and it has me a little melancholy. I am a warm weather summer kind of person. Or snow... I love snow!

I am going to chalk up my feelings about the mortgage to the weather.

Other things on my mind: friends coming over tomorrow evening for the Great British Bakeoff final (it's on today but we have to watch on the iplayer, so please don't leave any results comments!!!!). We are doing make your own pizzas, which is fun, but not as frugal as I would have liked. More frugal than going out, though. And I'm making a tunis cake.

Also: I bought a new pair of winter boots on Amazon. They were on sale ($34! For really nice Teva boots!), and pretty much exactly what I want except that all the reviews said that they're for a narrow calf. There isn't a ton of room in the calf, but it isn't super fitted. I am trying to decide if this is ok or not. Maybe it is for $34. There is a stretchy gusset thing on the side without the zipper that I am sure is so that people with wide calves can put these on. Maybe I could get that part sewed shut (It's behind the leather, so it doesn't show but it makes the side stick out a little). Any opinions?

And: I am looking at a new pair of x-c skis and boots for F. She got a lot of use out of her old ones, but they're now way too small. I will sell these on craigslist, but it's hard to find kids' sizes used in the size you want, so I think I have to spring for the $150 setup from REI new. We used to have Play it Again Sports here, but it went out of business a long time ago. I looked on ebay, but the NNN binding skis are more expensive than the REI ones on sale!

Finally: we were going to take a trip down to White Sands for an upcoming four day weekend, but the night in the hotel room would pay for that x-c ski setup (and it really is too cold at this point for camping)! I am thinking it'd be better to do a day trip instead! Luckily I have lots of ideas... Tent Rocks? Tsankawi? Maybe even Hinkle Family Fun Center (F would like that better anyway).

5 Responses to “Chilly Autumn, Mortgage and Recent Purchases”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Finale already ?!? Good grief, I've only managed to watch one episode so far.

  2. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    Congrats!!! Impressive job. Have you had the house long? What did you buy it for?

  3. pjmama Says:

    I'm sure your looking to the future instead of savoring the present is why you've come so far! But honestly, great job. That is such an incredible accomplishment Smile

  4. Buendia Says:

    I built the house originally.... it was 1998 (I can't believe that!) and before I really understood my finances, I refinanced to another 30 year mortgage. I did get a lower interest rate. I think the first one was over 7%! The next time we refinanced we did a 15 year mortgage, so that was better, and dropped to a little over 5% (this is when I started making additional payments); I put my husband on the mortgage, too. Refinanced one last time to a ten year mortgage (February 2011)... 3.475%. We'll have it paid off in 2017 if all goes as planned (with the extra payments).
    Land 67,000
    Initial Construction 172,500
    Addition 50,000
    So total is 289,000, but we also did some interior improvements... the total is just about $300k that we put in the house, and quite a bit of sweat equity!!

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That's an impressive amount of mortgage to have paid down!

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