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Today's Savings

October 4th, 2015 at 08:40 pm

Today was our big shopping day... grocery stores and gas. We didn't do too badly considering we're having friends over for dinner on Thursday (to watch the final of the Great British Bakeoff).

We also got things for F's "hot lunch." She no longer wants any of the hot lunches through school, and I'm just as happy; they charge $7 for the school hot lunch (yikes!) and it's not good, and it's not hot. She (and the other kids) don't like it. Hot lunch used to be a treat, so this is a way that she can have a treat once a week. And it costs $3 less!

The big money savings today: went to my friend's house to feed her cat. We feed each other's pets when we go away. It works for both of us, and I know it's not current money savings, but every time I pop in on her cat, I think "that's money saved for both of us!" We still take our dog to the free-roam boarding place, but this friend said she'd be happy to take our dog and watch her in her own home, so that might be a future option. When we go away for a long time, we have a friend come stay at our house with all of the pets.

Do you have a petsitting arrangement with any friends?

6 Responses to “Today's Savings”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    We don't have pets, so I can't respond to that question. It sounds like you deal with your friend does save money and I'm sure the pet prefers seeing someone they know.

    It is sad how pitiful the school lunches are. When I was in grade school, the lunches were fixed right there and they were delicious. Now they are brought in and with the mandates and cost savings, they aren't very good. Glad your daughter prefers taking hers.

  2. snafu Says:

    Do you make the traditional, rich desserts we watch on theTV bake-off show? What happened to the Jamie Oliver program to serve, healthy, inexpensive lunch in American schools?

    I move to friend's house with my dog to 'dog sit' her two, sometimes three pugs. It's like a holiday for me and her pups are so much fun. When we're away we take out BiShu to her home. She can manage to walk 3 dogs, I have to repeat walks 3 times. I find the 3 wish to wander in different directions and I lose my desired alpha position...too funny

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Our Inlaws mind our pets so we are lucky that way. We just take in their mail and water their many plants while they are away -it all works out roughly the same.

  4. My English Castle Says:

    We currently have a dog sitter, but that may change this year as we have dogless friends who are eager to take ours. Nice win for Arsenal!

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That's too bad about the hot lunches at F's school.

    I haven't needed it yet, but NE will come over to look in on Kari when I'm away over Thanksgiving, and I'll reciprocate if he goes away for a few days.

  6. Buendia Says:

    It is pitiful about the school lunches! We only want to do it once a week as a treat.... but glad that I can create a treat once a week on my own. The other days she gets homemade lunch, too, of course, but homemade mains, too. And no chocolate milk! That's a once-a-week treat!

    I don't know what happened to the Jamie Oliver healthy lunch movement! But I'd still do a packed lunch 4 out of 5 days... I do have a friend in another city; her daughter's private school provides lunch every single day as part of tuition... it looks awesome!

    Not that I don't believe in treats! I am making Mary Berry's Tunis Cake (from a Bakeoff Special!!!) this Thursday for the finale. I've made tarte tatin also from the show. I DO like to bake, Snafu! But nothing too complicated. And my versions are gf.

    I like seeing how everyone has the pets taken care of... I wish I had family in town! That'd be the best!

    PS - thank you re Arsenal - the whole family was very happy!!!

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