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This Week's Meal Plan and Already Musing about Thanksgiving

July 19th, 2015 at 07:28 pm

I always do a weekly meal plan, but I don't always post it.

Here it is for this week:

fish with roasted cauliflower (fishy)
taquitos (chickeny)
baked potatoes and broccoli (potato-ish)
grilled cheese and tomato soup (bready/cheesy)
freezer with salad (something from the freezer)
pasta with red sauce (pasta thing)

That is three vegetarian meals, one fish and two fowl. We don't eat beef/pork/mammals, but I am also trying to eat less chicken/turkey.

Plus we may (or may not) be eating out tonight. I'm waiting for our friends to return from an overnight backpacking trip; if they're up to it, we're all going out for pizza. We have $130 in our dining out budget. If we do go out I want green chile and feta on my pizza; not everyone's favorite, but believe me: it's awesome!

Which reminds me... we are beginning our Thanksgiving discussions/negotiations/arguments. My brother wants an all-vegetarian meal. My mother wants turkey. We are having 24 people with varying diets. I don't care what we have as long as I can eat at least something (I don't eat gluten and I eat very little dairy). I'd like to make mashed potatoes with red chile sauce. My brother wants to make some other type of potatoes. So far we're only having potatoes. Oh - I wouldn't mind doing at least one dessert because I love dessert and it's pretty much off-limits if I don't make it.

Right now I have a crostata (Italian rustic tart) in the oven, and that would be a good candidate. (No, we are not Italian). I could also make a Tunis Cake (no, we are not Tunisian). My mother wants to buy dessert because she thinks store-bought desserts are nicer/fancier than home-made ones. And baking makes her ovens "too hot." (I am not kidding).

My brother has this idea that everyone (all 24 of us) should be able to eat everything.

I live 1000 miles from my parents' house, and because my mother doesn't cook I'll need to bring my own pans, etc. My brother bought baking trays last year to leave at her house, and she's still upset about it. She wants to give them away, but I reminded her that he might want to use them for his potatoes this year.

Did I mention that when my brother cooks he never makes enough? He says that there are lots of other things to eat, so he only needs to make enough for about 6 people. I am a terrible over-feeder. I will make mashed potatoes for 24 as if everyone is ONLY eating mashed potatoes.

I like cranberry sauce. Other people like cranberry relish (blech). My mother likes the cranberry sauce in the can, but she will stoop to my level and eat my home-made stuff (but she always mentions that she prefers the can).

I always want to have a salad. No one else wants salad. It's just not "Thanksgiving."

My mother likes that spinach stuff with a can of cream of mushroom soup in frozen spinach. She is surprised every year that I can't eat the mushroom soup since it's thickened with flour.

This could go on and on, so I am going to go eat that crostata now... I truly hope you haven't started planning Thanksgiving yet, but if your family is as neurotic as mine, please comment so I know I'm not alone.

5 Responses to “This Week's Meal Plan and Already Musing about Thanksgiving”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    I've been thinking about Christmas. I'm sure if I celebrated Thanksgiving, I would have started thinking about it now because it's not that long away, the months go by so quickly.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I am also an overfeeder...I would rather have too much (can you say leftovers!) than not enough. We visited a relative a few years ago and she is the opposite...hardly enough of anything...not a good time.

  3. Greenleaf Says:

    Overfeeder here all the way- the whole family is, in fact. I agree with rob62521-better to have leftovers than not enough for your guests. Can't say we've ever had that problem- I always assumed that if you go to someone's house for a meal, you graciously eat what they decide to make, and bring things to share that you will also enjoy even if you don't care for their other options. Sounds like your brother is quite particular- maybe he would like to take on the job of planning a meal that everybody will agree to? Our family usually has homemade cranberry sauce along with one other small bowl of the stuff from the store for the 1-2 diehards who want their cranberry sauce to retain the shape of the can : )

  4. Kiki Says:

    I am having a birthday party next Sunday for 30 people at my home. First major party since I moved into my new home. I have the menu planned. I even created a time table of when things need to be made when and what I can make Saturday (dips, etc.) and what I need to do on Sunday morning before the first guests arrive around 11 to play games and stuff. ACK!

  5. snafu Says:

    I hope everyone assembles family for a celebratory meal from what my mom called a 'groaning table,' so that there is something for everyone's palate and no one leaves hungry. While Thanksgiving is in mid October in Canada, it's primary purpose is to pay tribute to the harvest and safe travel weather. Sadly I have only one SIL still living and she doesn't travel. DSs are too far away and flying at holiday prices for one day is not feasible. DH's family have always gone on annual vacation to various resorts.

    I was thinking about inviting a neighbour who is estranged from both adult children at present. I hope they can resolve their differences because it has them all so distressed.

    DH announced he wants to go to Italy this winter. It's been unusually hot here this summer but starting in September I'm planning to learn how to make authentic Italian meals. Spent time on-line looking at main course possibilities and will go to the library to seek cookbooks with good pictures. Everything seems multi step and home cooks must be very organized in Italy ! Good thing my two patio tomato plants appear to be good producers. 2nd, a new shop recently opened nearby, calling it's self Authentic Food & Flavours of Italy. Went to their pre opening shake-down but it was too busy to manipulate a cart . Walked by their Pastry counter and dessert aisle as they were the only quiet area. Those pastries must be at least a 100 calories for even a sniff!

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