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Ice Cream, Dollhouses, Swimming - Summer!

June 7th, 2015 at 01:46 pm

We've had to find the right weather for swimming - unlike most summers which are super predictable (June gets very hot, it rains in the afternoons in July, etc), this summer has been strange. It rains mid-day some days; it's not as warm as it usually is. Right now it's cloudy and windy.

We went to the pool yesterday and as soon as we got there it started pouring! So we went and got ice cream instead (using a birthday coupon from Baskin Robbins for F). It warmed up and got sunny later, so we went to the pool at 5 pm, then went home and made pizza for dinner.

Meanwhile, I've been working on the General Store. Dollhouses aren't exactly a cheap hobby, but I have a Victorian house and lots of furniture and accessories from when I was younger, and I also have an entire general store's worth of things. I just didn't have the store itself, so decided to build one.

It's not a kit, and I'm lucky to have lots of scrap wood as well as my own chop saw and scroll saw (F can tell you that this is one of the advantages of having an architect mom). I actually drew the plans on Autocad (nerd!).

It's not done yet. I still need to put in the clerestory windows, make the bathroom door, trim out the windows in the interior, finish the mezzanine and railing (this is going to be a tailor and hatmaker because I have a sewing machine and sewing mannequin), finish the floor (which is made of stained popsicle sticks), make the shelves, put in the ceiling and light fixtures and put in the baseboard.

I was going to post photos but I am having trouble - every time I try to link the photo shows a broken link... ugh!

1 Responses to “Ice Cream, Dollhouses, Swimming - Summer!”

  1. Buendia Says:

    Argh! Having photo issues! Any ideas?

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