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Planning a Frugal Summer

May 31st, 2015 at 10:43 am

I just went through websites for all of the events coming up where we live. The goal is free or at least low cost things to do.

1. We join an outdoor pool every summer (since it's outdoor, it's only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day). It should get up to 75 today, so we're going! And we'll continue to go all summer especially when F has half day camps.

2. Kickoff Party for our Tuesday Farmer's Market; lots of music and activities for kids - FREE

3. Festivals at El Rancho de las Golondrinas (a living history museum Spanish village) - there's one Fiber Arts festival with lots of sheep and another is Viva Mexico and then there's the Wild West Festival - $8 adults and free for kids

4. Santa Fe Bandstand on our Plaza - evenings in June and July - FREE

5. Music on the Hill - meet our friends, bring a picnic dinner and listen to music while the kids play - FREE

6. Movies in the park - they set up a big screen - this year among others they're playing Grease, Wizard of Oz, the Commitments and Goonies! FREE

7. Parade downtown to promote our Rodeo (we don't really want to go to the rodeo, but it's nice to see the horses and the huge paper mache bull with the flashing red eyes) - FREE

8. Folk Art Market - family day - $10 adults, kids free

9. Storyteller Joe Hayes (a New Mexico treausre) - tells wonderful stories and tales about the Southwest in a really pretty outdoor setting - FREE

10. Hikes to the waterfall and Nambe falls - $5 parking fee

Have you made a list of summer activities where you live?

5 Responses to “Planning a Frugal Summer”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, sounds like a diverse list. Good job! I need to look into making a list for us. Thank you for the idea.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That is a great list! I know of two things coming up here - Tuesday nights in June - Jazz in June (free), and Thursday nights through August - music in the park. I'll be doing the Jazz, but probably not the other one (one of two nights with NE - he'd not be interested in it)

    I'll have to check and see what else there might be around here. Smile

  3. Buendia Says:

    I'm amazed how many cool things are going on! We used to see Joe Hayes when F was little - it was incredible. But then he stopped for a couple of years. We once got the "Day it Snowed Tortillas" audiobook for our nephews in the UK. It's kind of for kids, but I think I enjoyed it more than F!

    PS - D has added "baseball games" to the list. We have a local team $6 tickets, and a minor league team in Albuquerque (the most expensive seats are $16.60 each).

  4. LittleMissSplendid Says:

    You can also check out the museums, art galleries, and libraries in your area because they usually have a ton of free and kid friendly events in the summer.

  5. littlegopher Says:

    What a fun list!! A few years back, my sis-in-law and husband lived in Santa Fe and we visited them with our daughters. We did many of your listed activities, and it makes me REALLY want to go back for another visit Smile I think it was Joe Hayes we saw too - outside on a patio of an art museum that I can't recall the name.

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