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Birthday Party Today!

May 30th, 2015 at 06:59 am

F's tenth birthday is in a week and a half, but her party is today so that one of her best friends can attend (she is leaving for sleepaway camp in the middle of next week).

F determined what she wanted her party to be like, and once again she's proven to be pretty frugal!

We're having 7 girls plus F of course.

We'll start off in the park and have a bunch of soccer games. We're playing jailbreak, splat, lightning, king of the ring and the numbers game and also having a scrimmage. We bought pop up goals as part of her birthday present (since we play in the park almost every Sunday night, these will be super useful and I think she'll be really excited). We'll use them today, and it's a surprise!

Then we'll go back to our house and the girls will have veggies/dip/crisps and ice cream cake. Because there really aren't a lot of costs involved in this party, we were able to get her dream cake: a soccer ball cake from Baskin Robbins. Their cakes aren't cheap, but I guess my theory is to save and then splurge where you really want to splurge.

Then the girls will use F's microphone and do commentary for funny soccer clips that D found.

Party favors have nothing to do with soccer, but are pretty fun - they are story dice (have you seen these?). I like favors that aren't junky plastic toys that'll be thrown out, and there was a huge price cut on these on Amazon. They aren't cheap, but it's another good place to splurge in my opinion.

Then the parents will pick their girls up, except for one girl who is both one of her best friends and really more like a cousin. She's staying for dinner (tostadas). This will be great for F and also gives her parents (who are some of our best friends!) an opportunity to go on a hike or whatever.

goals - $85 (part of her birthday gift)
food for party - $21
cups/plates/thank you cards/napkins with soccer theme - $11
cake - $35
favors - $42

Less than $200, and I've saved up $240 (party only, not gifts) throughout the year (I save $20 a month).

10 Responses to “Birthday Party Today!”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Hope F has an amazing day! Sounds fun Smile

  2. snafu Says:

    Wonderful to give DD the birthday party she wants based on her plan. Thanks for the heads up on BR ice cream cakes. I need to go over and look at their local catalogue

    Have a fun time one and all

  3. bluesfemme Says:

    I'm sure you all will have a wonderful time. Hopefully starting with an arsenal win ;-)

  4. Buendia Says:

    Bluesfemme - are you watching? F and D have been watching the pregame show all morning... starts in less than half an hour! Fingers crossed!

  5. bluesfemme Says:

    Yep, but don't know how long we'll be up - it's just past midnight here. Plus, my D was an Arsenal member for years before meeting me and emigrating, so its exciting but nerve-wracking - sometimes he just can't watch. I hope the result goes the right way to really put sparkles on your wee girl's special day.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Hope the party was a blast!

  7. VS_ozgirl Says:

    It's so wonderful to see your daughter think of low-cost party ideas of her own accord! Proof that you don't need to spend a lot to have fun

  8. Buendia Says:

    The party was SO fun! They played all sorts of soccer games, and the girls are all great kids! I am sort of tired, but the good news is we arranged for one friend to stay for dinner so they are still entertaining themselves. D is cleaning up, and I am going to relax for an hour before I need to make tostadas. And Arsenal won the FA cup, so it was a great day all around!!!

  9. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad the party was a success!

  10. scottish girl Says:


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