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This Week's Costs

April 14th, 2015 at 06:13 pm

Alarm system repair: free! The guy had to come back since he wasn't able to fix the problem the first time. I was prepared to argue down his price, but the price was... zero! I don't argue with zero.

Chiropractor: $66.27. It was an hour long visit and he was great. He did a lot of movement tests to figure out the problem, and there is some joint stuff and he can work with me he said. This is my friend's chiropractor, and she looooooves him. I'm going back next Tuesday and we'll see how it goes... I really need to take care of this lower back stuff.

Like Monkey Mama, I've had lots of leftover food (this is from my mother-in-law's visit) that we are eating our way through. I just had chicken for lunch (and had it for lunch yesterday, too). Tomorrow - salad with chicken? So food costs are low.

My mother-in-law is coming back on the 26th for a few days after her "tour of the southwest" with Saga (a British tour company). She is going to San Francisco, wine tasting, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon... I'm jealous! I'm sure she'll have a great time! I've washed her sheets and towels so they're nice when she returns.

Soccer.... well, we avoided having to pay for a tournament this weekend because no other teams signed up in our daughter's age category. So our team will play an extra game on Saturday, and we have Sunday FREE! That means another game of kids v. adults soccer. I was so terrible on Sunday in the second half. Kids v. adults soccer is free, and fun, so I'm happy.

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