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Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day (and some are even Financial!)

January 15th, 2015 at 12:32 am

All sorts of things going on here...

- I had to take D's car today because of the snow (his has snow tires on it; mine is fine to get him to the office, but F's school is on top of a hill). Love those snow tires! His car is sort of fun to drive actually...

- F has been having a lot of anxiety lately. The school psychologist and her teacher were both very helpful. We've been trying things, and it's been helping, but when they recommended two books for us, I just got on Amazon and bought them. I didn't even look at the price. (It was $23.43 total). I don't have a book budget (we are library all the way), but I do have a budget for supplies for F. I think these books need to stay on the shelf; people who tend to have anxiety have it at times throughout their lives (I know first-hand!)

- I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to buy a winter coat. Here is the key thing: we have almost nowhere to shop here. There is Target and REI, but we don't have a Landsend or LL Bean. I want a good down coat that will last, and I'm sick of wearing a Target fleece through winter (it's really not warm enough). I think I mentioned before that my office is buying it since I need something warm for site visits. Well, I had to send back the one from Landsend (waaaaay too big). I bought one at REI and spent a fortune, but I did an experiment before removing the tags, and it wasn't warm enough. I just ordered a coat from LL Bean, so we'll see.

- It's 5:30. Almost time to leave for indoor soccer. I am bringing a book, but I often end up talking to the other moms (we've all known each other a long time by now and they're awesome!)

- But I really just want to sit on a folding chair in my sleeping bag and read my book! Actually I'd like to sit in bed at home and read my book.

- Grilled cheese and tomato soup tonight - we won't be home until 7:30! Late dinner - needs to be something easy!!

Stay warm everyone!

7 Responses to “Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day (and some are even Financial!)”

  1. laura/deacons wife Says:

    We do indoor soccer as well. Futsal on Mondays in a school gym, Wednesday are regular practice, and Saturdays are games. Three players keep us busy. But its fun!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I have anxiety too...and just realized this week that my youngest has been having issues. Moving around doesn't help! Since you have had it in the past you can be sympathetic and helpful for your daughter.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Your supper was what I almost had tonight. Smile

  4. snafu Says:

    Those of us who cope with Canadian winter have learned that it's all about layering. If you want to be warm and comfortable no matter what the negative temperature and wind chill, it's important to layer. Negative 30, wind chill factor negative 90, skin will freeze in under 2 minutes demands 2 pce, silk or thermal long johns, wool socks and warm boots. We know we can easily die if we slide off the road unprepared.

    If your temperature is more moderate, wear leggings or tights. Blue jeans are not a good choice in truly cold weather. Add whatever you like as slacks, shirt + sweater. Must use a scarf, coat or jacket of choice, and knit hat that can be pulled down over your ears, Many of us keep a balaclava in the car's emergency kit with a warming candle, matches, bread bags for feet, some sort of plastic poncho to trap warmth, keeping you dry if you need to walk in snow. Boots benefit from a gel insert for added insulation. I find cashmere lined gloves are warmer than rabbit fur but use lambswool lined gloves to shovel or use a snowblower. I keep mittens in the emergency kit just in case.

    Most of your body heat is lost with a poor choice of headwear. If you hands or feet feel cold you will be uncomfortable no matter how expensive your coat.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    I got a good down coat by Nautica at Macy's. Good price, too!

  6. Buendia Says:

    I like the Canadian winter tips! I have good friends who live in Winnipeg - they think I'm a wimp!!! Wish we had a Macy's. There isn't even one in Albuquerque (the big city! an hour away!). We just have Dillards, and everything they stock is for 90 year olds...!!

  7. snafu Says:

    I think you should talk to your Winnipeger friends as they are having some humdinger of a winter and I'm sure they will verify the 'layering' suggestions. There is no point of being cold and uncomfortable when items at hand are an easy fix...just don't look very attractive and may not be 'stylist' approved

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