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Week's Meal Plan and Mortgage Milestone

December 7th, 2014 at 10:51 am

The meal plan for the week:
this week:
- soup and garlic bread $6
- pasta with turkey balls and marinara sauce $8
- spinach and cheese frittata $6
- white chicken chili $17.50 for 4 servings (the other three go in the freezer)
- tostadas $5
- tuna melts with salad $6
- going to our neighbor's house for dinner tonight and bringing dessert ($8 for dessert)

I bought a few extra things on the grocery budget to have around at Christmas, sort of doing some of my shopping early. And we're eating out of the pantry next week, so the bill should be low.

As far as the mortgage, we've hit a milestone. The amount we have left on our mortgage is equal to the amount I paid for the lot 17 years ago. We worked out that we'll have the house paid off before D turns 47.

This is really hitting home (ha ha!) because one of his coworkers just bought a house; she's in her 60s and used to have a house in another city/state where housing prices were lower. She now has a brand-new mortgage and so she can't take advantage of the employee savings plan which has a really great match (6%).

Today: we've baked biscuits for the animal shelter (and our dog got one, too) and now we're going to the Indian Arts museum to see some dancing, make some christmas ornaments...

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