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December 5th, 2014 at 02:02 pm

What a week. Ugh. Nothing truly horrible, but lots of little things that add up, so I'm really glad it's Friday. TGIF!!!

Stupid Bark Beetle - which kills piñon trees; I had to spend money to spray the trees, and it's a chemical which I hate. (The upside: the tree sprayer said he felt like it needs one more spray, and is coming back to spray next week to get the rest - for free which is super nice of him).

Irritating Clients - actually not really my clients. I do review for two subdivisions, and these are homeowners who don't want to do the things they already said they'd do. And one of them hasn't paid my invoice. Grrr....

D eats lunch out once a week - which is ok; I don't eat out hardly ever, but I know it's his little luxury and he needs it. Usually it's about $6 to $8, but this week it was $10.20. That seems like a lot for lunch!

Teacher Gifts at School - one parent is making my life miserable. I wish we were a normal school and everyone just gave individual gifts; you don't need to comment on the way we pool the money. I know it's odd. At least this way the specials teachers and staff get something, too.

My Mother - cannot let go of one certain perceived failing in my parenting. I have a child who is sometimes anxious. D and I rarely go out without her (this is part of the failing in my mother's opinion, but it's at least 75% economic). We went out when we were in CA, and F got very anxious worrying that something would happen to us. I was an anxious child, too, and I can tell you from experience that my mother (who is also super anxious - this runs in the family!) can't deal with anyone who is freaking out (if it's not herself) and tends to cause people to feel anxious because she's super high-strung and jittery. So, we've been arguing for the past several days about how I caused this episode and how it can be prevented in the future. My take is that something completely different will cause her to be anxious in the future that I can't prevent. My mother's take is that if I don't want her in F's life, that's fine (huh? when did I ever say that?). I'm sure this will blow over. Thank you for letting me vent.

OK, time to go pick up F from school. Then tonight we have tickets to the Recycled Fashion Show, and this will hopefully be the start of a fun weekend and a new week!!!

2 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Ugh. Your mother sounds like my MIL. We've just been lucky that our kids have been "fairly normal". Or heck, we have been lucky that they are exceptional - so it's hard to nitpick. I always hear a laundry list of what everyone else is doing wrong and it just makes me cringe. & I know our time will have to come at some point. (I don't think any of the laundry list has ever had to do anything that a parent could actually control. Sometimes they forget that they are just kids??)

    All of that said, my younger child has been going through a phase - I think same age as your child. It just depends on the day. I have always found that patience for children and their fears is best. He's only 9. If this is the case when he is 15, then maybe we should be concerned. Big Grin But considering that he is completely well adjusted 95% of the time, I don't really see the point in stressing about it. It seems fairly age appropriate. He's 9 and sometimes it's scary to not have his parents nearby. I think he's been away from us enough, very happily, that I don't worry about it. But I've also known plenty of very clingy kids who would never ever leave their parents, who turned out just fine.

    Hopefully things settle down and you have a nice weekend!

  2. laura/deacon's wife Says:

    I've got myself one of those opinionated people, MIL. OK, I was irresponsible when I let my then 7th grader get more piercings at a tattoo parlor. I am one of those parents because I'm letting my daughter give modeling a try. And then I'm letting her be photographed my a man who took pictures of naked women. And I let my 17 year old with a new license (one week) take the car and go out with friends as long as she's home by 11:00 (!) (My town's curfew). And I let my anxious kid stay home sometimes from school when he's "on the edge" (he's dyslexic and dysgraphic and sometimes just needs down time."

    And I've got my own anxious child. Who worries that we will lose someone (our group is large at times, seven people can be hard to keep track of). We don't watch Crime TV because he worries. We know when they test the sirens in our town (Tuesdays 10 AM) and it doesn't mean a problem. We let him sleep in our room on the floor if something is bothering him. He is 12. And so I should make him go to school when he's nervous. And I should make him sleep alone and stay awake worrying.

    And the list goes on. But you know what? My kids are happy, good, reasonably well adjusted kids who are kind and their well being is the more important thing. And ... just hang in there ... sounds like you're doing a fine job! Smile

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