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Weekend Plans - A Frugal Weekend

November 15th, 2014 at 12:51 am

It's cold and dark here, and I'm sitting in the nice warm waiting area listening to F's piano lesson. She's actually doing a pretty good job on her recital piece.

Then it's home for dinner; I defrosted some posole from the freezer, and we'll have a salad with it. Posole is pretty filling; have you ever had it?

Tomorrow the Director of Coaching for US Youth soccer is doing a training session for our coaches. The coaches pay to attend, but they needed two teams to be demo teams, so F's team is one of the teams that he'll coach to show our all-volunteer coaching staff some tips and tricks. What a cool opportunity for the girls!

Then F will go to a birthday party; it's an evening party, and the kids will be making dinner (lasagna) and then they'll have a sundae bar. So glad it's not a sleepover!

So I'm trying to decide if D and I should go out to dinner, and if so, where. Maybe better to just pick something up and eat at home. That would still be romantic, right? And I wouldn't be cooking, so that would be special. I could light candles. We wouldn't be spending as much as going out if we get something nice to heat up.

Other things I'm thinking about:
- prepping for the drive out to California for Thanksgiving (what we need to bring, snacks, games for the car)
- what I need to get done next week (I have a big meeting at the County on Thursday, a conference call on Monday, driving on a school field trip on Tuesday, but otherwise not too much going on)
- meal plan for next week

1 Responses to “Weekend Plans - A Frugal Weekend”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    My husband and I just pick up Chinese, then come home and stream a movie. It's nice to just be alone at home together sometimes, too! Enjoy your weekend.

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