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Mortgage, but Mostly Soccer

November 9th, 2014 at 02:08 am

I paid down principal on our mortgage yesterday (popcorn day, of course!) and our regular payment went through as well.

So now our mortgage will be paid off in June 2020 even if we don't make any more principal payments. We've paid $3583 extra to principal in 2014.

We now owe $65,926.

Today we went down to a huge soccer tournament. There was terrible, terrible traffic, and we arrived just 3 minutes before the first game started! F was freaking out. But everyone was in the traffic jam. You have to understand - we don't actually have traffic in New Mexico (except in Albuquerque, and then only rarely) so this was a big deal. They were doing roadwork. I've plotted out a different way to get there for tomorrow's games.

F and her team played really well! They lost one (but it was close) and tied one. This was the first time they'd played in the Silver category. One last game tomorrow.

We brought a picnic lunch, and one of the dad's bought the girls pizza afterwards, so that was dinner taken care of.

We did stop and get some drinks on the way home.

We also got the coach gift (a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant) on the way home. Everyone contributed $10. I decided to make the card (and over the past few practices all of the girls signed it). I guess it's an advantage being an architect because I always handmake cards rather than buy them (free! but also much more personal).

OK, and get this, the highlight of the day: D tweeted that he was on his way down with a group of U10 girls to play in a soccer tournament and hoped they'd be channeling F's favorite US women soccer player, and that player favorited D's tweet! F is over the moon!

1 Responses to “Mortgage, but Mostly Soccer”

  1. starfishy Says:

    how fun for your daughter to have the tweet faved by her favorite soccer player! and congrats on the continued mortgage pay down! Smile

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