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Friend in Town - I'm Worried!

August 23rd, 2014 at 02:33 am

My good friend is in town (she comes back to visit once a year). She's not staying with us, but she always has parties (I'm happy to bring a potluck dish) and wants to go out to eat (I usually skip that, and she's fine with that).

She loves to shop, and I don't shop at all, so I skip that, too. She has other friends to shop with.

The hard part is, she comes in late tonight, and will be staying through the week, but I have a HUGE deadline and no time to hang out with her (we could go on a hike or whatever). But I want to! But I have the deadline! And I don't want to be a whiner and say that I can only see her on the weekend (actually, I'll be working several hours this weekend, too).

It's a firm deadline (a County review meeting) and I had a setback today where I spent the day making a change (ugh; this is why I need to work this weekend).

Oh - did I mention that she wants to have one of the parties at my house? On Sunday night (school night!). I called her and just got voicemail, but I told her that we could maybe do something early, but that people have to clear out by 8:30 pm so F can get ready for bed. I wish I had said I couldn't do it at all because the thought of cleaning the house after a party, with a deadline looming, makes me hyperventilate.

I'm going to go do the dishes and then relax for an hour before I go to sleep; I think I need to rest before I can confront her (and myself) with the reality of self-employment!

2 Responses to “Friend in Town - I'm Worried!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I think you did the right thing telling her that the party had to end early and you might mention you have a deadline so her and her buds helping clean up would make your life easier.

    Spend what time you can, but don't stress yourself out over not being able to give her unlimited time. You have to do what you have to do.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    You know what you can back out of that decision. It sounds like your schedule is different this year and your health, work and sanity are more important.

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