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Frugal Fun Day at the Park Today - Class Picnic

August 18th, 2014 at 03:58 am

Today I bought groceries (under my spending goal!) and also bought cat litter (with $3 coupon) and a small can of spraypaint for F's bulletin board. I've been moving stuff around in her room all day with the goal of a more grown-up room, and re-fashioning the old bulletin board is part of that.

Then we went to the park for the Fourth Grade Class Get-Together. We do this just before school starts every year so the kids can get out some of the excitement of seeing each other after a long summer. Also we get to meet the new families, and their children can start school seeing familiar faces. My daughter really hit it off with C, whose family just moved here. C is a soccer player like F.

I loved the parents of the new boy J... they moved here from California two weeks ago. We stayed about 3 hours, and the kids played, and we ate (potluck). It was so much fun! (I'm a total extrovert, and I love meeting new people).

Tomorrow we meet with the teacher (we already know her, but this is a chance to talk about F and she can tell us about what they'll be doing for the year).

And then school starts on Wednesday! (I personally love a mid-week start because the first week back they're exhausted by the end of the week).

2 Responses to “Frugal Fun Day at the Park Today - Class Picnic”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    My girls start Wednesday, too. And I also love mid week starts, so much better than a Monday!!

  2. laura Says:

    I am a member of this club, too! My boys go Wednesday! One daughter plus foreign exchange student started last Friday, other daughter starts next Monday.

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