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More Mortgage Principal

August 15th, 2014 at 07:41 pm

Today I paid down our usual $150 plus $12 from pinecone to our mortgage principal.

Our new balance is $69,338. We're in the 60's!

Did you read the Clark Howard thing about paying down your mortgage v. investing the money? He had a good point that often people are so motivated to pay down the mortgage that they really end up saving more to do that than they would save to invest. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Anyway, according to my spreadsheet even if we don't pay down another penny on principal we'll own the house in July 2020. We've paid off $2,838 in principal this year (yay!!).

More analysis:
- if we only pay off $150/month (this is budgeted) we'll pay off the house in Oct. 2019.
- if we pay off $150/month until our Dublin house is paid off and $500/month after that, we'll have our house paid off in Oct. 2018 (that was my goal date - it's the month I turn 52
- this doesn't count any tax returns being applied to the mortgage principal, so it may be sooner

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