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Folk Art Market - A Volunteer Weekend

July 15th, 2014 at 09:16 pm

The great thing about volunteering all weekend is that I didn't have many chances to spend any money. I did buy a fresh juice (for me) and an ice cream (for F) up at Market. We were volunteering for three days straight, and felt like we needed a treat! B

ut I brought our lunches, and I didn't buy anything at Folk Art Market (aren't you proud of me?). There were some beautiful things, but I wasn't tempted because I just don't want any more stuff.

Got a free tshirt, and so did F and so did D (we all volunteered). Perfect bed-shirt!

And I made some friends, got to help some people, had fun.

2 Responses to “Folk Art Market - A Volunteer Weekend”

  1. snafu Says:

    Was Folk Art Market a success? Did they have a big turn out? Did attendance go up from last year? Does the community support the event? Were the artisans who worked so hard to make their crafts please with the results? Did people come to buy or just looky lou and make comments?

    I'm asking because our major summer festival just ended. The volunteers had watched the number of participants in the evening art auctions dwindle so this year added an on-line feature. When this event was initiated it was by invitation only. People from the executive suite of the larger corporations saw it as a symbol of their status in the community. They haven't published the figures yet, but the original poster created for next year's event sold for a higher sum than anticipated/expected.

  2. Buendia Says:

    It seems to get bigger every year, but this year they limited ticket sales... it's the 11th year, and they've never done that before. The community is hugely supportive, which is great because it really takes over our city. The artists are from al over the world, and they take the money and build cooperatives and schools back in their home countries; I've heard only positive things from them. I think some people come for the atmosphere, the visuals and the music, and some come to buy seriously.

    We have a $150 ticket event on Friday night... then $50 Saturday morning early bird... then regular tickets. Some artists sell out on Friday night.

    Positive things I heard: event is amazing, volunteers work so hard.
    Negative things: portable toilets got dirty quickly, too crowded at some points during the day, has outgrown its original space, wish you didn't have to be shuttled up there.

    There were some problems specific to my area (the upper exit), and I will submit suggestions from me and my volunteers to the main organizers.

    Curious about your event! What kind of festival is it?

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