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Frugal things for the day

June 23rd, 2014 at 03:38 pm

Summer is hard - for some reason our food budget goes way up (I think it's having friends around - we seem to want to get together, enjoy outside when it's warm out).

Anyway, we're still trying to find ways to save.

I registered F for soccer next fall early (deadline is July 1 for earlybird) and saved $10.

And we visited Sonic today during Happy Hour (2 to 5) for slushes (during Happy Hour they're half off). Total was $2.16 for two.

I canceled a subscription to a magazine. This is the only magazine I subscribed to (except for a professional magazine that I somehow just get). I find it's more exciting to see what I can find at the library's free magazine exchange.

I am making a sketch model (that is a rough model, not the finished pretty models you see in lobbies of buildings) to use for design, with cardboard I had in the office. I don't make finished models for my clients unless they pay me! (But they all want the sketch model - I usually say no because it's made for my use and to take to my engineers so they can understand the building I'm designing).

Just found a great show to watch on the bbc iplayer. But it's only available for one more day! So I used the bbc downloader so now we have it for a month. The show is called Tigers about the House about a zoo trainer who hand-raises Sumatran tiger cubs in his front room!

And, finally: dinner tonight is from the freezer (chili that was frozen from a big batch) with a salad. I make the dressing myself; so much less expensive and a lot tastier!

That was a quick round-up of our savings today. It makes me feel better just to see it listed like that!

1 Responses to “Frugal things for the day”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Dinner from the freezer, I like that!

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