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Bought Pool Guest Passes

June 3rd, 2014 at 02:24 pm

I sprung for pool guest passes today ($40 for 10). We took one of F's friends with us, which was very fun for her and meant that all I did was keep an eye on them when they were in the pool and make them lunch (there are two grills at the pool, so they had hot dogs, also some crisps, cherries, a yogurt and an apricot). Also gave each of them a dollar for ice lollies and candy. I didn't get any real work done, but I was productive this morning, so it's ok.

Also, F is going to that friend's house tomorrow, so I can go into the office and to meetings.

The guest passes will come in handy because we are hosting one of the soccer coaches from soccer camp the week of June 16th. They give us an $80 stipend for food, and we'll hopefully do some fun stuff with our coach (take him/her to the pool, go to Bandelier or Tent Rocks, have a picnic dinner at Music on the Hill). F is so looking forward to it, and so am I! The coaches are from the UK; yes, not as exotic to us since D is from the UK, but really cool for F.

Did I mention that the world cup will be going on? We don't have TV, but we got my mom's cable company password so we can watch online.

They are showing a few of the world cup games in the park on the big screen outside - a wonderful free event, and I'm hoping a lot of F's soccer friends go, too! Another opportunity for a picnic dinner.

Meanwhile, I have put tons of sweat equity into the yard. I am going to go out there after the sun is less intense and build the raised veggie bed. I still have to build a little "wall" - sort of a screen for our bbq - will be 4' tall and have a shelf on top where we can put plates/serve things. Also room for a table next to the bbq. I need to start scouring garage sales for the table. And then our garden will actually be a usable space! It's like gaining a 13'x18' room!

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