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Spending Some Money on the Garden

June 1st, 2014 at 10:50 am

I live on a hill, so our yard is not huge (which is fine by me!) and the space (flat space) is precious. I live in the high desert, so the shade is precious, too. And summer is here, and I really wanted to spend time outside, but the outside was so poorly configured and unusable. Oh - and we want to bbq and plant vegetables.

Anyway, we decided to entirely reconfigure the front garden (not the nice top part where we have our "frass" - that's faux grass. That is working well for us).

We hired people to help because I just have too much work right now. But I am building the wall, and we moved a bunch of river rock today. And moved dirt and other things around, so that when they come back tomorrow, they can hopefully finish up (or maybe by Tuesday?)

I will definitely post photos!

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