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Starting to Plan Another Frugal Birthday Party

May 4th, 2014 at 01:43 pm

In June, F will be nine. Nine! She is still so young. The kids in her class dress like silly kids; they aren't into clothes at all. Most of them watch very little television. F won't go to the movies and hasn't seen Brave or Frozen or any of those. There aren't any "mean girls" yet; I hope there won't ever be (they are growing up sort of like siblings since there are only 18 kids per grade). She is still good friends with a lot of boys in her class.

I think nine will be pretty much like eight in a lot of ways. (Most of the kids are already nine; but F has a summer birthday).

Here is what she is getting for her birthday: a brazuca (replica of the World Cup ball), more soccer socks (more colors!), Arsenal piggy bank (combines the love of both Arsenal football club and pigs), book for kids on the World Cup, my old Snoopy cuddly toy (she's really into the Peanuts right now), stilts (which I am making with the pattern they gave us at circus camp last year - buying wood this week), a new water bottle (which I am making on Cafe Press with her favorite character from Yonderland).

She has requested a camping-themed birthday party. I was thinking of having the party up at the local forest campground (just get an afternoon campsite), but she wants it at home. May be able to talk her into the campground and then we could have a group hike to the waterfall.

I want to do the party frugally, of course. Was thinking of:
- inexpensive headlamps as party favors (found them for $4 each) or maybe marshmallow roasters (if Target has them - they were in the dollar bin a few summers ago)
- scavenger hunt through our arroyo (or on the waterfall hike)
- setting up the tent for them to play in (not sure what to play?)
- s'mores (roast marshmallows over a little firepit)
- roast hot dogs on the grill
- maybe a s'mores cake? or is that too much s'mores?

Any other ideas? Games or anything?

6 Responses to “Starting to Plan Another Frugal Birthday Party”

  1. snafu Says:

    Not sure how many children, I'd hesitate to take on responsibility for 18 nine y/o on a hike or scavenger hunt, out of sight. Suggest 3 legged race, story telling, 3 statements about myself, which one is a lie? ' I spy with my little eye...' I went camping and on my trip I took a '....' make your own ice cream sundae in those plastic wine glasses

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I think I would have cake OR s'mores, but not both. Just too much sugar for little kids! Smile

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    We went to a cookout/sleepover at some friends' house last year, and they had a balloon animal making kit that had happened to arrive that day, and it ended up being a perfect thing for people to work on while we chatted and cooked. Also stories and songs around the campfire was great fun; passing the flashlight and telling "spooky" stories, and letting the kids pick songs to sing.

  4. Suzanne Says:

    I have boys, but maybe you can modify this idea. At my son's 8th bday party, we had a fort building contest. They broke up into small groups, and used things we already had, and some low cost new stuff to build a fort - cardboard boxes, duct tape (dollar store), firewood and small leftover pieces of lumber, a few misc bricks we had laying around, camo colored tablecloths (Hobby Lobby) for a tarp/roof, etc. I was amazed at the creativity, and they seemed to really enjoy it.

    Maybe girls would prefer building a castle or something?


  5. littlegopher Says:

    Here a fun site with lots of camping activities that would work for your party - what a very fun theme!

    ultimatecampresource .com/site/camp-activities/

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