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No Spend Days, A Snowflake and Weekend Plans

April 27th, 2014 at 03:09 am

So first a recap of our No Spend Days... These don’t include regular bills (utilities, etc) only discretionary spending.

Sunday - catfood $6.48 (used $5 off rewards coupon)
Monday - NSD
Tuesday - bought foam roller for leg pain $37 (it's working! more on that later!)
Wednesday - NSD
Thursday - $2.16 for two ice creams (one for me, one for F) at Baskin Robbins - this was $1 kids scoop day!
Friday - NSD
Saturday - out to lunch (planned) with F’s former teacher (about $25 for the three of us)

The snowflake ($8) was from selling an old office chair on Craigslist. It wasn't a great chair, and not in excellent condition. My office mate thought I should have sold it for way more. Really? It was not a very expensive chair to begin with. I just wanted it gone, and the $8 will go to the mortgage principal. Combine that with the other snowflake this month ($9 from pinecone) and the regular amount that we budget to pay down principal. And hopefully I'll get my gym payment next week.

This weekend is all about soccer. F had a game this morning. Then it was out to lunch with her former teacher (I had saved up for this, and we have eaten some weird but inexpensive dinners recently). The wind started to blow around the end of the game. Tomorrow it's supposed to be SUPER windy, and F has a soccer tournament. She'll be playing 5 games total (she's one of a team of only six girls and they play 3 on 3, no goalie). We're there from 8:30 to 2:30.

Besides making some sandwiches for us, I got some clementines today for the girls, and D got a big thingy of water with a tap so the girls can refill their bottles. Everyone else will probably bring things to share, too. I might make some hot chocolate; it'll be cold out there! And we're bringing our backpacking tent in case it's really awful so the girls can huddle in there between games.

I ran into a friend at the store today, and she said her kids don't play soccer because it's so windy and dusty on the fields we play on and she doesn't want to take them down there. But honestly I think it's fun!

Have to go now and pack up for tomorrow...

2 Responses to “No Spend Days, A Snowflake and Weekend Plans”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    As an empty nester as of last Fall, I can tell you I miss soccer games so much! Both our girls played soccer from 1st grade through 12th. We have played in freezing cold weather, rain and wind, and 100 degree weather some days/weekends were tough but I wouldn't change those days for glad you are enjoying it with F..... Smile

  2. Buendia Says:

    I agree - I am enjoying it so much! Today it was 5 games in the sleet! We set the tent up for the girls, and they were so cute in there, eating snacks, giggling and hanging out between games. They played so well - an amazing amount of effort from a group of very determined 3rd graders. They came in 3rd - so proud of them!!!

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