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Limiting Today's Expenses

April 4th, 2014 at 11:21 am

Computer repair - no charge

Artichokes for lunch - my favorite! Lunch at home.

Dr. appt. - I'm sure I have some sort of copay for this; hopefully not too much.

Ice Cream - For F for doing her piano for the past several weeks, and being generally great about it - a few dollars. But I am not participating. I'll have ice cream at home.

Evening entertainment - Well, it's Spring, so I'll be out on the soccer fields freezing my behind off and watching F's practice. Bringing my sleeping bag in case it's really, really cold.

Dinner - We're having cod and asparagus. I finally figured out how to make really good battered cod - it's the double-dip: flour, then egg, then more flour. I use gf flour.

Then F will take a long, hot bath to get all the grass and pollen off, and we'll cuddle and read in bed. Perfect evening!

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