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Not Getting Much Finished Today

March 7th, 2014 at 08:42 pm

It's a no-school day (parent teacher conferences) and things are not getting done. Here is a list of what I have started but not completed:

- The laundry - sheets are sitting wet in the washing machine. At least they're clean; need to hang them.

- Office kitchen - did an hour's work on it - got a lot of the construction waste tossed, cut the countertops and one backsplash, sink cut-out done (but we still need to install the countertops, put in the backsplash, patch/touch up paint, install sink, caulk and clean up).

- D's Birthday Plans - started his card (which I am doing as a "Design-your-own Birthday" - he'll get to choose different options for breakfast, etc.). But not done, and I'm running out of steam (and ideas).

- Chocolate Cake - I promised this to F. Need to go downstairs and just DO IT - it won't take very long. Procrastinating.

- Taxes - This one isn't my fault. Turbo tax is still missing a form. Otherwise, I'm ready to file.

- Check - There was a check that arrived when we got to the office, and I meant to take it with me to deposit. And I forgot it. Oops. While I was at the bank I was going to pay down the mortgage principal with the $205 D made on the side last month. It's popcorn day at the bank.

- Library - this was on the to-do list since a book came in that I'd requested for F; but the countertop took longer than expected. So we didn't get to this.

- Post Office - Also didn't get to the post office for the same reason. Should have left the house earlier this morning!

OK, now that F's friend is over, I am going to stop procrastinating and get something FINISHED!

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