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Master Clothing List and Shopping the Sales

December 26th, 2013 at 09:51 pm

I have adopted a new approach to clothing. I am sort of afraid to tell my friends who think that I'm way too obsessive-compulsive and that I rely too much on excel and spreadsheets and stuff. But I'm not afraid to tell you!

Step 1 - I've inventoried my clothes (and F's) including socks and underwear and pajamas (and shoes). Yes, of course this goes into a spreadsheet.

Step 2 - I've figured out the ideal number of each item (short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, trousers)

Step 3 - Replace only as necessary. I've determined that I have PLENTY of clothes. I don't need anything new until something gets super stained or threadbare. But F is still growing, and she needs to have bigger sizes as she gets bigger.

Step 4 - Make a list of what will be needed a year in advance (so if it's winter now, what will likely still fit and be ok next winter, and what will be needed next winter).

Step 5 - Shop the sales! (Everything winter is now on sale or about to be on sale). I just bought F some long sleeved shirts and a sweatshirt half off at Old Navy and got $10 off my next purchase. She will likely be a size 8 for another year, but I bought a few things in the next size up.

And... it's good to know that I don't need anything. So nothing for me until my current clothes shred and fall off! (Actually my standard practice is that clothes that are stained become workout clothes, and clothes that have holes become pajamas - then they shred and fall off and become rags).

4 Responses to “Master Clothing List and Shopping the Sales”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Okay, I'll raise my hand. How did you determine the ideal number of each item? You've got me curious!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I don't track our clothing in a spread sheet, and we all really have few clothing items. I would like to be able to plan better for future needs, but one daughter has nearly stopped growing and the other one is close. Even easier at this stage!

  3. snafu Says:

    Way back when in high school we had a hilarious classes that taught us how to build a Capsule Wardrobe. The point was to make a plan to always have appropriate stuff when it was needed. It was done in cartoon format similar to... I know most people only wear 20% of their clothes most of the time, 80% are ignored, too difficult to care for, wrinkle too easily, fabric scratchy, needs a button, hem repair, stained, too big, too small, not liked, not flattering etc.

    Seasonally I need to change out spring/summer to fall/winter and I'm a planner listing what will be replaced. Downsizing from house to condo meant we [mostly clothes horse DH] had to reduce the volume of clothes to fit into smaller closets. There was a lot of wrangling but we agreed on the 'new item in - old item out' process. The unanticipated benefit was the reduction in impulse spending as that would require relinquishing something similar that we wanted to keep. DSs decided that 12 was their magic number in the categories they set like sweaters, shirts, T's, jeans, khakis, slacks etc. I think it works for them because they can manage the laundry while at college.

    We all seem to enjoy the anticipation of buying new clothes and watching for sales.

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