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A Little Bit of British Christmas in the US

December 18th, 2013 at 02:20 am

I went to Cost Plus today for Christmas crackers (for my English/Irish husband) and thought that there must be a cheaper source. The only thing I can think of is to visit again after Christmas and see if they're on sale for next year. We have Amazon prime, but they were the same price on Amazon and out of stock.

I know some of you are English living in the US or have English spouses - any ideas?

While I was there I picked up an overpriced Quality Street tin. They didn't have the Cadbury, which we all prefer, but I felt like it'd be a nice surprise for him.

When he got home from work he said "It doesn't feel like Christmas somehow..." I guess at work they haven't put up decorations or anything (I share an office with just one other person and I put up window clings from Target and the silly silver tinsel tree I use year after year)! So I got out the Quality Street tin, and he was really happy!

Tomorrow I'm making the mincemeat for our mince pies; I make them by hand (and no, I don't use suet - I use vegetarian shortening).

At Cost Plus I also got a couple of Aero bars (the mint kind - yum!) to put under the tree as an extra surprise.

Spent more than I wanted, but I figure it was a tradeoff since we aren't having an expensive Christmas dinner. And since we don't go back to the UK for Christmas anymore (not since the Great Christmas Fight of 2005 between D and his sister - don't ask!), I figure he needs a little bit of home this time of year.

I miss Christmas there, too, but we are going back in Summer. I wish we were visiting Ireland, too to see the rest of the family (the relatives that no one fights with!), but not this holiday unfortunately.

Nollaig Shona!

7 Responses to “A Little Bit of British Christmas in the US”

  1. Marantha Says:

    I grew up in Scotland and after we came back to the states we made our own crackers by filling toilet tissue rolls with sweets and prizes and wrapping them with Christmas paper and twisting it at the ends and tying with ribbon. Not exactly the same but works if you are in a pinch.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Yeah, we usually end up spending about 3x what my British husband says Christmas crackers are worth, at some fancy store like Lunds. So cool you make your own vegetarian mince pies too! You just can't get them here in America, so it's the only way. It's so cute, I'd have thought we'd leave milk and cookies for Santa when we had kids, but since we love many of NT's English traditions, we now leave Santa a mince pie and a small glass of brandy.

    The other things he's pushing for this year: vol au vents, trifle, fruitcake, stollen and flapjack. He's on a British tear! Smile

  3. littlegopher Says:

    I'm not sure if they're true crackers or not, but Michaels sells both the big and small sizes - though they may be sold out at this point. Can't recall the price, but cheaper than the pricier places. Good luck!

  4. snafu Says:

    Lots of 'How To' make Christmas Crackers on You Tube. Looks like a fun project for you and F.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    I saw crackers at World Market -- didn't check out the price, though. But World Market is generally cheap; might be a good source if you have one in your area.

  6. Buendia Says:

    I think I'm going to try to make Christmas Crackers for next year - need to save up some tp and paper towel tubes! Also might try Michaels if I'm down that way. We only have one store that's sort of like what Tim mentions, but it's super expensive; I think big cities would be a great source for that, though. (It's just too small here). We did get ours at World Market - I still call it Cost Plus! - they were - gulp - $16!!!

    I got a coupon in the mail, though, for $10 off $30 purchase from World Market.

  7. Buendia Says:

    I'm trying to find cracker snaps online - may just pick up a box of them when we're in the UK in the summer - unusual souvenir!

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