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Thanksgiving Menu

November 19th, 2013 at 06:57 pm

I've worked out the Thanksgiving menu, and believe me, it wasn't easy! I can't eat gluten (celiac genes) and my brother and his wife are vegetarian and my dad is pescaterian. My brother won't come if I cook a turkey in the house. Here is the menu that accommodates everyone (and my pocketbook; they are coming from out of state, so I provide all the food).

- Hungarian Mushroom Soup (from the Moosewood cookbook)
- Wild Rice Stuffing with cranberries and pecans
- D's roast potatoes (his roasties are the BEST!)
- French beans with a vinaigrette
- Asparagus with Brown Butter
- Cranberry Sauce
- Precooked turkey breast from Trader Joe's for the four of us who want a little bit of turkey (this was $12.30)

- Salted caramel and chocolate tart
- Pumpkin chiffon cake (a Rachael Ray recipe that I adapted to be GF)

I've bought all the ingredients except the fresh veggies (mushrooms, potatoes, beans, asparagus). So far I've spent $27.94. I had a lot of the staples already (flour, sugar, mustard, butter).

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

6 Responses to “Thanksgiving Menu”

  1. snafu Says:

    You are a wonderful daughter, sister and SIL to take everyone's factors into consideration for a joyful celebration. I made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for Canadian Thanksgiving in October. Family and friends were welcome to eat or not eat whatever was prepared. I was disappointed my much loved SIL [DB passed away] decided not to travel here from another city. I was upset thinking of her on her own but happily, her neighbours included her their celebration. She throughly enjoyed the experience of being the non family guest with someone else's family.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I think it is nice of you to provide stuff that everyone can eat, but for your brother to dictate that you can't cook a turkey in your own house or he won't come when you are already bending over backwards for him, smacks of entitlement and self-centeredness. If one of my sisters pulled that I'd say that the world might revolve around her at her house, but this was my house and while I'm happy to meet her needs I won't discard my own needs in the process and if she doesn't like it she doesn't have to come. But that is just me. You might be willing to put up with his stuff to have him there. And you might like your brother more than I like my sisters. LOL

  3. Buendia Says:

    It's true - both my brother and SIL are pretty demanding. I don't see them often, and F loves them so much, so I put up with their attitude for her to be able to have a relationship with them. It's pretty stressful, though, as you can imagine! I don't think I'm being particularly nice, because it's mostly just to keep the family peace and for my daughter (I'd do anything for her!!)

  4. rachel021406 Says:

    I'm vegetarian, my sister is GF and vegan, and my mom is the pickiest eater ever....so I understand having to make a special menu. We have 3 different stuffings so everyone can have the one they want! Luckily Thanksgiving is only once a year. Smile

  5. Buendia Says:

    I'd love to know what your menu is! Three stuffings - yikes! I am just doing the rice stuffing this year; I've made the bread one with gf bread in the past, but it's soggy.

  6. SecretarySaving Says:

    You are very accommodating! I'd cook whatever I want and then tell them to bring sides or things that they would like.

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