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My Solution to Lunch

October 27th, 2013 at 05:09 pm

My lunches usually consist of:
- things F did not eat from her lunch on the previous day (sometimes a few carrots or snap peas, some fruit)
- piece of fruit
- chips or crisps or something like that
- leftovers or an avocado or a piece of sliced turkey (a protein thing)
- a square of chocolate or a few chocolate chips with pecans

I realize this is not a very exciting lunch.

I eat it at the conference table while the dog sits next to me and eats her lunch. It takes about 10 minutes to eat lunch, which is not very long.

So... the solution to having a good, relaxing lunch is the walk that I take with the dog afterward. This is the real lunch solution: the after-lunch fresh air!

I work downtown, and there are lots of nice walks, but I like to walk through the nearby residential area. I took a picture for you of one of my favorite little houses.

What do you do at lunch?

2 Responses to “My Solution to Lunch”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    I rarely eat out as I only get 30 minutes and there is hardly anything close by. I eat at my desk (it's quiet where I am) and cruise the internet. Lunch consists of leftovers or whatever I can piece together....crackers and cheese, fruit, baby carrots and hummus, a sandwich or the occasional frozen entree.

    I should use at least part of my time to walk. I work in a business/residential mix so there are plenty of sidewalks. Unfortunately, our beautiful Fall weather is coming to an end. If there is no rain, I may reconsider and bundle up and venture out! Smile

  2. Buendia Says:

    I don't like to walk in rain! If it rains (which is rare) I'll do a short walk directly to my dog's favorite pee spot. But I LOVE walking in the snow. It's still nice fall weather here, but I don't mind winter, as long as I have the right shoes! Your lunch sounds good - I like the crackers and cheese idea! I could bring some rice crackers and goat cheese...

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