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This Week

September 30th, 2013 at 12:59 am

This week:

1. A frugal weekly meal plan (taking advantage of things already in the fridge/pantry plus a few extras):
- polenta and salad
- big salad and garlic bread
- general tso's chicken and cabbage
- socca with zucchini
- very sweet salmon and rice and broccoli
- chipotle chicken stew
- something from the freezer and salad

2. I paid an extra $73 toward the mortgage principal. On track to pay off in early 2019.

3. I cleaned out the car - vacuumed the rugs and cleaned the film from the windscreen and cleaned the dog slobber off of the rear driver side window.

4. We went to our local pizza place today and had a great lunch! (We had a LOT left in the dining out budget this month; the rest will go toward the mortgage).

5. We had a busy day yesterday with F's morning soccer game, then a wedding (which D photographed) and then F went to a birthday party. The couple got married in the mountains and then mountain-biked to the reception. Our gift to them were the helmet-cam rental and then D will edit the video (he edits video for work) for them. F was the flower girl; she loved that all of the grandmas told her how cute she was!

6. Tonight it's F's soccer practice in the park; there's a new girl on the team who has never played before (and just signed up Friday night!). Planning on getting one of the other moms (I love Susan!) to join me doing skills stuff with her. She's a sweet girl - I hope she has fun!

2 Responses to “This Week”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    That's cool that you got a last-minute new kid. It's also great that you are willing to work with her. We've run into some way to serious parents and coaches and our oldest is only 5!

  2. Buendia Says:

    She's sweet! I think any kid that wants to play should be able to play... and not only to play, but to have a good time, because then hopefully they'll decide to keep playing. Our teams are pretty low-key (right now we play rec... F can play select when she's 11 and that's when it gets competitive). So far I've only seen one irritating parent (and he was REALLY irritating - way too competitive!). The coaches had to talk to him about it. And he is always wanting to challenge his son against my daughter in running and other sports... ridiculous!

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