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Continuing Education

September 6th, 2013 at 09:59 pm

I have to do a ton of continuing education for my profession. I have to maintain my state architecture license (12 credits a year), my AIA membership (18 credits a year, most of those related to Health Safety and Welfare and some Sustainable Design units), my California state license (a disabled accessibility course) and my LEED certification (30 units related to sustainable architecture every two years).

My goal is to make the same credits count for every accreditation I have to maintain. So far all I have left to do is the disabled accessibilty course and two more sustainable architecture hours.

I'll have to pay $60 for the accessibility course, but ALL of the other units have been FREE! I've managed to find free courses for everything! (Mostly through McGraw Hill which publishes Architectural Record magazine). The easy way out is to go to lunches ($20 a pop) and seminars ($$$) but it's less costly and takes less time to do the free online courses.

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  1. SavingBucks Says:

    I recently finished my CE hours for my LEED credential as well. I used for some of the hours. They offer free CE hours for AIA, GBCI, NATE, and more. There are both webinars are articles to choose from. I also "went" to the Virtual Green Expo a few weeks ago. All of their webinars were archived on the mentioned website.

    In So Cal, the Gas Company sponsors a Municipal Green Building Conference in April of each year. Great free resource! Lots of keynote speakers and breakout sessions on green buildings. Credits were for both LEED and AIA. The price is right plus free breakfast and free lunch! Smile

  2. Buendia Says:

    Great tip! I am bookmarking!

    Wish I lived in So. California! My parents are there - so maybe a trip in April? I'll meet you there!

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