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More Free Summer Entertainment

July 18th, 2013 at 03:21 am

The weather has been kind of bleh, but we still went up to Music on the Hill for some free music and hanging out with friends.

Our cobbled-together picnic came out really well, so I need to note what we brought for future reference!
- salad with the end of a cucumber, some turkey, sunflower seeds
- leftover veggies and hummus
- chips and salsa
- homemade chocolate chip cookies Yum!
- brought a plum, too, but we didn't eat it
- bottle with half apple juice/half water which we shared (poured into cups)

Total cost: $0

There are more zero-cost activities coming later in the summer and fall... glad to live somewhere there is so much going on!!

I did spend $8 today at Petco (we got a lot of stuff for the fish tank including a siphon so I could clean the tank out, but we used my Petco coupons). F's fish Fire died this morning, and it turned out it might have been an ammonia problem. So we also got some drops to add to neutralize that.

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  1. mamasita Says:

    Love free summer stuff, they can lead to the best memories sometimes!

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