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Two Dinners Out plus Extra Scrimping

June 11th, 2013 at 02:07 pm

We usually eat out once a week, but this week we were out both Sunday night (friend's birthday) and Monday (F's birthday).

On Sunday our friends provided the pizza (but I bought a small gluten free one for myself). So we didn't need to feed all three of us - deal!

I had heard that a restaurant downtown has a Monday/Tuesday special where one kid eats free for every adult entree. I suggested the restaurant to F (without mentioning the deal) and since it's one of her favorites, she decided that was where she wanted to go on her birthday. (I'm sly, right?) F and I went with a another mom and her daughter. F and I ate for $10 - another deal!

So, we didn't blow the dining out budget for the week, even though we ate out twice.

The other day, D accused me of being overly-frugal when I mentioned that instead of using a paper towel (those are for EMERGENCIES like cat puke) he should have used one of the cloths that I keep in the kitchen. (I apologized for being so controlling and he apologized for being sensitive; and he even said that he knows that all of my scrimping has allowed us to spend money on the things we WANT to spend it on - or save it - rather than on paper towels).

I was just watching a tv show (my favorite show: Cash and Cari on HGTV) on the internet (we don't have tv or cable and therefore no cable bill).

And I am about to leave to go to the library to pick up a book I reserved (I usually just order them online rather than browsing). This one is for F. I need to figure out what book I want to read next.

OK, enough scrimpiness for today.

1 Responses to “Two Dinners Out plus Extra Scrimping”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good deal on the meals and I absolutely love the library!

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